Casual Work from Home Oufit

Even though I shot these photos weeks ago, this is actually been a pretty good representation of the types of outfits I’m gravitating towards right now. (Well, I should clarify: that is when I decide to get dressed. I have plenty of yoga pants and even sweatpants kinds of days.)

Maybe it sounds a little counterintuitive but on the days when I’m feeling the worst, I try to get dressed more. I know that if I’m having a bad day (also of which there are plenty), staying in sweatshirts only exasperates the feeling. When it feels like I can’t control my mood, I do know I can control what I wear. And while a cute outfit doesn’t cure the glum mood completely– it helps. Kind of like faking it until I make it. My brain may be mush and my heart may be heavy, but gosh darn it, I’m wearing real clothes!

I am in love with the detailing on this blouse. You guys know I have an affinity for white blouses and this one was just calling my name. The blouse is also on major sale right now and comes in a few colors. I think the black could even work with black works pants once we’re back to, you know, working in an office. And the pink is extra sweet.

If you live somewhere warmer, I just realized it comes in a more relaxed sleeveless version as well.

Blouse (40% off) // Jeans // Shoes // Bag // Sunglasses

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So cute! Don’t know if you’ve discovered this yet, but I’ve been trying to get my friends to play virtual Catan (through their website) which seems like a fun quarantine activity! Also, I would love to see if you have any Etsy shop/online small business recommendations for people hoping to support small businesses. Thanks for bringing a smile to our faces!


Hello, I am French, I am 62 , and read your blog to perfect my English….
It is a good exercise for me….
And we share in France all the same difficulties right now

Abbie Christine

I love the details on the blouse. It is very cute, but has its own fringe of elegance. I love wearing white too.

Rose William

Hey Gorgeous! you look fabulous. The collection was pretty cool, catchy & bold. I love your fashion style. Including that, you can also add sexy corset, Shawl scarf for unique style and great support. Adding them in the closet is one of the best stylings ways for every season.