On My Radar

I almost forgot to write this post! We’re here again at another Friday. This week kind of flew by somehow? I had a few good days and a couple not-so-good days. Which I guess isn’t too bad.

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // DIY Ear Savers

This is a really easy way to help out even if you don’t have a sewing machine. Many medical professionals are asking for “ear savers.” The idea is that they have something else to hook ear loops masks to besides their ears… basically to make it more comfortable. I’ve seen various kinds of ear savers from 3D printed plastic pieces to crocheted pieces to special headbands. But this is probably the easiest solution I’ve seen yet! You don’t even need a sewing machine.

TWO // LAKE Dress

You guys know I love my LAKE pajamas. So cozy and comfy. Well they just launched their first official piece of clothing… striped dresses!!! I promptly placed an order because 1) I have never met a stripe I didn’t love and 2) I am trying my best support some of my favorite women-owned small businesses.

THREE // Blair Eadie’s Florida Home

Blair Eadie just shared a house tour of their vacation home in Florida. It is gorgeous. Blair has such a unique sense of style and the house perfectly reflects it. It was such a nice escape to scroll through all the photos!

FOUR // Demi Leopard Flat

You’ve seen me wear my Margaux leopard flats quite a bit. I just noticed that they have a new style: suede leopard demi! I think these are the most comfortable flats out there and Margaux is another great women-owned small business.

FIVE // DIY Mini Kitchen Island

I fell down a rabbit hole of doll house designs. I have no words– this woman is a genius! The creativity she has to transform crafting materials into works of miniature art is insane. The level of detail!!! That is a working kitchen sink too….

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You can make those ear savers with ribbon too! Someone donated a bunch to my department and I love it so much more than the 3d printed plastic, which falls down and gets caught in my hair.

Alexandra Paradise

I bought the LAKE shorts as soon as they were released and SOMEHOW they arrived at my door in UNDER 24-HOURS!! HOW?!?! Also, they are so, so, so good! 10/10 recommend!

Elle Brooks

I totally played that video about the kitchen island and for a sec until I saw the woman turn on the sink and realized it wasn’t mini as in a small kitchen island it was like super tiny haha that was actually hilarious! Thanks for your consistent posts they are so appreciated now even more than ever!! 🙂