Nancy Meyers Kitchen Style

I’ve been a little obsessed with all things Nancy Meyers. It’s an always-obsession, but during quarantine I’ve been watching my favorites on repeat it seems. The Parent TrapThe InternSomething’s Gotta GiveFather of the Bride… etc. They’re just FEEL GOOD movies and even if you’re not in the mood to follow a plot, the visuals alone are something to indulge in. If I could move into any of the sets of her movies, I would without hesitation. Just gorgeous.

Part of the reason why I’d move into one of her sets is that mastering the style of her movies in actuality is not easy. (At least for me.) Her home sets, particularly those in the kitchen, have a perfectly curated, yet totally lived-in, feel. Flowers, bowls of fruits, cook books piled high. I love that they’re well-equipped for someone to make croissants by hand if she so chose, cozy enough for an early morning bowl of cereal and coffee, and elegant enough for a candlelit dinner party that bleeds into 2am.

You know?

Anyway, after having a Nancy Meyers marathon last weekend… I went on a mission to “Nancy Meyers” our kitchen a little bit more. (I feel like I have to say I know that I’m no interior-guru. I work with what I have, including skill!) Now… part of the problem is that our grocery deliveries are for essentials so adding hydrangeas to the order was a no-go. Mike cooks with so many lemons though so a bowl of fruit happens anyway.

How to Nancy Meyers Your Kitchen

Nothing Fancy Cookbook // Dinner in French Cookbook // Dishtowels // Rattan Bowl

Cutting Board // Utensils // Candle // Mini Topiary

Le Creuset Dutch Oven (on sale!!) // Mixing Bowl

Canisters // Tablecloth

PS Can’t recommend the playlist Nancy Meyers’ Kitchen on Spotify enough!! I jam to it all day long.

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This is the content your demo has needed! We’re moving soon into a home that I think early 20s Nancy characters would approve of and I can’t waaaaait to style it. Honestly, I feel like an entire series on how to Nancy Meyers every part of your home wouldn’t even be that crazy… But maybe it’s me? Maybe I’m crazy?

Either way, LOVE the results! Excellent use of quarantine time.

Marie M.


“Somethings Gotta Give” with Diane Keaton. Best kitchen ever. When I go to heaven that will be my kitchen. I’d be happy with your kitchen. It’s great!

Brigid Devney-Rye

Your kitchen is stunning! I recently read that one of the top five designer regrets is open shelving (like in the Nancy kitchen). They say you have to dust off the dishes before you can use them. So I like your glass front cabinets way better. The light in your kitchen is fantastic. It took me a minute to realize the second photo, yours, was not a movie set photo. I love it!


Love it! I’m a huge fan of Nancy Meyers too. Her movie sets look like a real home. A lived in and luxurious home. She always has the best kitchens! I love the mix of blues in your kitchen! It looks great.


while all this is a amazing ✨, I would love to know:
1) what is that upper right woven container and it’s use? Keeps catching my eye 😮
2 is that a marble cutting board or serving board in the middle shelf 😍

thank you for inspiring a grad student stuck in her campus apartment during quarantine!


This is how I feel about You’ve Got Mail! Meg Ryan’s apartment in that movie and the bookstore is absolutely perfect.


My favorite Nancy Meyers kitchen is the one from Its Complicated. I never saw the need for the bigger kitchen that was being built in the addition-lol. Everything was in the right space and the dining table was right there. Second runner up either kitchen in The Holiday ( which is on as a write this). Your kitchen is very welcoming in design and style.


Omg yes. I love this post so so much. My partner and I were looking for homes recently (has since been put on pause) and we went to a home where it felt very “Nancy Meyers” and I said so to the realtor. She didn’t know what I meant but I was like !!!! Because it’s a look I’m 100% after. I especially love Meryl’s character’s house in “it’s complicated”


I’ve been pinning “Nancy Meyers” inspired interiors to Pinterest boards for weeks! Do you follow Chrissy from @_harlowejames on insta? I feel like her style perfectly embodies the comfy creamy style of the sets from the movies!


Oh my gosh—never thought to use ‘Nancy Meyers style’ as a search on Pinterest!!!? Of course!? Excuse me while I go pin a thousand pics!
It’s complicated and somethings gotta give (the whole house!!!) are THE BEST❤️


Love the post! Wish I could live in a Nancy Meyers movie. They are my go to movies to feel good. Also, love kitchen corner.


The striped rug in The Intern kitchen totally influenced my own kitchen. Just love it!


I’ve never put it together in my head that my favorite “home” sets in movies are ALL her films. You just blew my mind, Carly. There has to be a Pinterest board about this 😂

Becca Barnes

Ah, love this SO much! Watched The Intern again earlier this year and now I def. need to watch it again (and The Holiday) during this time. I also have adored the sets for many, many years and now I need to go scour some set photos for inspiration!


Love the subject of this post! Thank you for content that immediately caught my eye. My husband and I have been very bored with social media during quarantine because no one is doing anything 😂


You know I’ll be watching a Nancy Meyer’s movie tonight!! I’ve always loved her sets (and characters!!) but never thought about why they actually make me want to move right in – interior design is not my forté, but let me take in all the inspirations maybe I can make something work. Now that I’m home all day anyways.

Your shelves look absolutely beautiful! I also love that you incorporated Alison Roman’s cookbook. I just discovered her last week and ordered her Dining In cookbook after watching all of her videos on NYT Cooking and fell in love with her fun and witty but simple approach to cooking. I was also in desperate need for some inspiration that was not pasta every day 😉


Wow, reminds me so much of a cute, condensed version of Lucy Cuneo’s blog from January! Love it! <3


You inspired me to watch a few Nancy Meyers movies! I started with Its Complicated (the house is AMAZING!) and can’t wait for this weekend to watch a few more. Thanks for sharing such a feel good post 🙂


What size and color did you choose in the Dutch Oven? I’m dying to buy one while they’re on sale, but am having trouble making the decision without seeing them in person.

Thank you!


Hi Carly!
Do you recall where your two blue jugs/pitchers are from? I’m looking for something similar as a wedding gift. I swear it’s listed somewhere on your site but can’t find the answer myself…Thank you so much! As always, love your style!