Where I Am Buying Fabric

With my creative juices flowing right now, I am really embracing all things DIY. I exhausted the fabric I had at home (even cutting into two table runners, ha) for handmade masks to donate. I’m still making masks, to donate but also for friends and family, as face coverings are now required for everyone. (And I don’t think they’re going anywhere anytime soon.)

I feel a little guilty making things other than masks, I confess. But I also want to break things up and mix in fun projects as well. (Does that make me a horrible person? 🥴) I made a pillow with a completed needlepoint project and I have been dreaming of attempting a dress.

Here’s the tutorial I followed for the pillow by the way. This lady is the best and everything is so, so clear!

We have an amazing sewing store in a neighboring town (Sew Jersey) and I can’t wait until I am able to visit in persona again. They are so nice and the selection of fabric is great– lots of high quality fabrics in various patterns and prints.

Since I’m limited right now to online shopping, I’ve been heavily relying on Etsy. I’ve been incredibly impressed with the selection from all the shops and also the speed of delivery. It is kind of difficult to buy fabric sight unseen, so read all the descriptions to make sure you’re ordering the type you mean to (stretch/no-stretch, cotton, weight, etc.). My friend Ashley is the one who got me hooked and I fell deep, deep into the rabbit hole. So. Many. Great. Fabrics.

Some of my favorites:

Let me know if you find any treasures… or what you’re making at home! I have had so many people send me pictures of their projects and I am #impressed.

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“Hey Carly! Thought you might like to know that masks actually aren’t required where I live right now. They are highly recommended by the CDC, though, which is why it’s great you’re sharing so much about how to make fabric ones!”

Hope you don’t mind, I did a little workshopping on your comment to still get your point across while still being kind. I hope in the future you’ll consider the weight of the words you write and how they may come off to others. We all have the choice to be positive or spread a little more kindness to the world, and I promise you that while snarkiness may feel good in the moment, going the kind route always feels better in the long run. Hope you have a beautiful day!

Swapna King

Carly is writing from her own experience. She is not a journalist or a government agency. I believe your comments are snarky towards a very giving, compassionate person. We are not required to wear masks where I live, but I am not offended by any comment Carly has made. She was just stating her experience. Why do women follow blogs or instagram accounts to critique and tear down a hardworking, compassionate young lady.


Hey Lindsey certainly states have certain requirements Right now. Carly lives in NJ and it’s required. I live in PA and as of tonight it’s also required. Carly obviously “knows her facts” and if it’s required or not.


Lindsey, they should be. People like you and those you live around are a huge reason why we will all have to be isolated for months longer than necessary. Check YOUR facts, my dear. Also, you’re rude AF.

Brigid Devney-Rye

Please do make a dress, I’d love to see what you make! Have a great day. You are my morning go to and I appreciate it now more than ever!


You may want to try making a skirt first, as a way to get you feet wet with clothing constructin because they are usually pretty straightforward and don’t require the same precise fitting that a bodice might (depending on the style you choose). Your pillow turned out great, by the way!

Lesley from NE

If you are shopping online for fabrics, try Hawthorne fabrics. We ordered some cotton lawn the other day for my daughter to make a dress. The fabric was wonderful, shipping was only 5.00 and it came in four days! If you are thinking of making a dress, they have great apparel fabric.


Hello Carly,
I have been following your blog for a few years now and it is my first comment. I am living in Toulouse, south of France and “bearing” the same confinement as you do. I love doing cross stitching too and made numerous “abecedaires” (the US word may be samples), they sleep in my drawers. I think it is a clever idea to use them to decorate pillows. Usually I buy some great fabric through internet (a German shop) but I have quite a lot of fabric at home : mostly dots, Liberty or gingham. So I can start right away to make my own pillow. Thanks a lot for the tutorial, (though I need to translate the measures from inches to centimetres). Thanks Carly and stay safe.


Some of those Etsy fabrics look like they’re from Rifle Paper Co. I wonder if that’s where the owners of the Etsy shops got the fabric? They all look like nice fabrics though.


Definitely try a dress! My mom got bored last summer and made me an off the shoulder sack dress to get back into sewing lol definitely worth the task!


Your pillow is adorable!

I recommend starting with a cute and practical apron. They come in several styles – half, bib, smock, etc. Plus, you can use coordinating fabrics for waistbands, ties, pockets, ruffles, etc. The only problem would be that they might end up being too cute to actually use in the kitchen.

Marie M.C.

I’m sooo impressed with your pillow. It’s Tres Bie
n! I never tried to make a needlepoint pillow myself. I though they needed to be stretched to make them into a pillow. I was wrong. The YouTube link is great. Explains everything clearly.

Another resource for online fabric shopping is “”. They have tons of fabrics and you can get samples. The samples are large. I think the samples are $5 for one sample and something like four for $12.50.


Merci pour le lien vers ce site incroyable que je ne connaissais pas. Ils ont un choix immense…


Awwww, Kate. Bless your heart! I wasn’t being rude, just stating that Carly should check the facts. Masks are not required where I live and I have not been going out, so how am I a problem exactly? Can’t contribute to the spread if I’m not going out can I?


Hi Lindsey,
Maybe your comment wasn’t intended to rude but it also came across that way to me. Carly continues to show up as class act and your comment did come across to me at least, as unhelpful. Not a good vibe anytime, but especially now!


Emma and Kate, you must be triggered easily. Relax and enjoy your confinement and stop trying to read through the lines. Masks still not required where I live. I’m still not going out even though things are opening. Worry about yourself.


Hi Carly! Could you do a post on how to get new needlepoint projects? I want to start a new canvas but all the shops for thread are closed! I have looked into getting kits instead, but they’re much more pricey. How are you combating the shutdown and supporting your hobby?

Maggie |


You are really good at sewing. Can wait for you to tackle a pair of drapes or roman shade. You can do it. It will be fantastic.


I love seeing all your DIY projects! I got into sewing last year and it has been a blast. I’m making masks too and looking forward to a new project. (You’re definitely not a bad person for getting tired of mask making!)

Someone mentioned making a skirt first and I wanted to share my favorite tutorial by Gertie.

It was fantastic for a beginner and I learned so much. The tutorial is 2.5 hours long, which I appreciate because she goes through every. single. step and explains it beautifully. She teaches you how to make a pattern to your measurements which you can reuse to make as many skirts as you like!

Happy sewing!


Carly thank you I love all of these! I have been trying to find a fabric I like to make throw pillows. I find throw pillows to be way over priced, yet they are so easy to make. I especially love all the Liberty of London Fabrics. I’m going to have a hard time choosing which fabric to go with now

Sarah Elisabeth

Very cool prints! I never thought about purchasing fabrics on Etsy. One of my favorite resources is Missouri Star Quilt Company. They have a large selection of cotton fabrics.


Carly — Just wanted to pop on and say THANK YOU for sharing this! I read it when you first posted, and have been obsessed with looking through fabrics on etsy ever since. IDK why I never thought to look for fabric there, but there’s such a great selection–and I get to support small businesses at the same time. xoxo Emily