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Did anyone else feel like time got extra wonky this week?! I have not had the best concept of time since March and now it’s just getting weirder and weirder. Somehow it’s July? And tomorrow is already the Fourth of July? Wasn’t I just sitting outside in my yard bundled up in a puffer and a blanket??? This is the first year I think in my entire life where I’m not doing anything special for the Fourth of July. With everything going on, I am personally just, well, not feeling it.

Dress (c/o, 50% off!)

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Bling Wash

When Mike proposed two weeks ago, my friend Ashley sent me this link for a homemade ring cleaner. I am not going to lie, I did not fully get it. Then after a week of wearing my engagement ring (at a lake no less), it definitely didn’t look as ~sparkly~ as it did the week before. I went back through our texts to pull this back and up and give it a try. It works and it’s amazing.

TWO // Tuckernuck Tervis Tumblers 

I had to order these custom Tervis Tumblers that Tuckernuck designed. I am so excited for them to arrive. I can’t decide which of the designs I think is the cutest… the bike? the basket? the topiary? the ginger jar!?! They nailed it. (This would also be a great gift too!)

THREE // Michelle Khare Becomes a TV Show Host

Michelle Khare’s Youtube series are always so incredible. She puts so much energy into them that I’m surprised it’s on Youtube and not picked up by, like, Netflix or something. In her latest episode, she becomes a TV show host for a teen show on HBO. And by that, she really BECOMES a tv show host and nails the whole thing!! A fun watch.

FOUR // Chinoiserie Phone Case

I ordered this chinoiserie iPhone case a few weeks ago and it just arrived. It is absolutely gorgeous… honestly a work of art. Diane Hill is a London-based Black artist and her work is truly beautiful. Highly recommend checking her work out. I also purchased two prints and can’t wait to frame them.

FIVE // Elsa the Koala

Oh my gosh this little Koala!!! The belly scratches. She looks so content just plopped there. What is it about koalas that just makes you want to hug them?

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Just a warning about that bling wash- it will destroy the finish on anything wooden- looks like i’m sanding and refinishing my butcherblock counter now 🙁


Thank you for the ring cleaner link! Going to try that this weekend 🙂