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Oh man, last week was so rough for me mentally but I am very happy (and very relieved) to report that this one was much better. I had been really struggling with the reality of this “new normal” and coming to terms with the disappointment of it all. But I have some things on the horizon to look forward to and just because life looks different doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy life as much as possible. At least that’s what I’ve been trying to tell myself over and over again like a mantra.

I talked to so many friends and readers over the past couple of weeks who all were feeling the same way. I think it’s more important than ever to give yourself grace as we navigate through this pandemic.

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // How to Make Layer Cakes

As much as I love to bake, I always find cakes to be quite tricky. (Mostly, I’m sure, due to my own impatience waiting for them to cool before frosting!) This video popped up on my discover feed and I kind of fell in love. The cakes look divine… and huge. Something straight out of Alice in Wonderland. It’s a long video so definitely bookmark it to watch when you have the time… It’s kind of like a masterclass in layer cakes!

TWO // Cornhole DIY Game

Who else loves a good game of cornhole?! We currently don’t have our own set, though I’ve been meaning to get one for our backyard. I love the idea of making our own and customizing it exactly how we want. These are great step by step instructions for a functional and adorable game.

THREE // Ruffled Tops

I am always on the hunt for great tops that aren’t button downs. J. Crew has two great sleeveless options. This one would be great with skinny jeans or denim shorts. And this one with a ruffled neck is a fantastic closet staple… wear it now on its own and later layer under a sweater! Both are 25% off right now with “GOSALE” at checkout.

FOUR // Inside Kendall Jenner’s LA House

Kendall Jenner’s house tour with Architectural Digest is… well, wow. It’s just amazing. I’d move in in a heartbeat… The painting room! The pool! The kitchen!!!!

FIVE // “Can’t Touch This” Parody

COVID is obviously not a laughing matter and I know a lot of parents, teachers, and school officials/administrators are trying to figure out what the right thing to do regarding opening is. (I honestly feel for everyone having to make these tough decisions.) With that said, I saw this video that a school principal made about returning to school and it was on the nose. I love his attitude and it was so well-done!

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I really appreciate your help with coping during this time! I watch Joel Osteen Anchored to Hope on YouTube almost every night before bed. It helps a lot 🙂


Great post. Love the principal video. That house is amazing. I had forgotten all about getting a cornhole game for my backyard. Cakes can be challenging.


“Just because life looks different doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy life as much as possible.” So simple and kind of obvious, but for some reason reading those words just now gave me a lot of peace. Definitely a good mantra for the rest of 2020. I have really appreciated your attitude and your honesty during this pandemic and your blog has become something I look forward to every day.


Hope you have a good weekend!! I’ve always wanted to master the layer cake! Maybe for my new husbands birthday in January if were still sheltering in place!


We made our own cornhole set for our wedding! Complete with monogram, of course. HUGE hit at the actual wedding, even bigger hit afterward. My parents have had it set up in their basement for five years now! Every family gathering ends up with few rounds. I think my dad sneaks in solo rounds whenever he’s down there, too!

Kelly Warner

We did custom corn hole boards as the guestbook for our wedding! Big monogram in the middle and then had guests sign with sharpie. Thin layer of resin after its all signed, and they are perfect!


Carly… you are always a Debbie Downer. Constant complaining despite having the cushiest job. Asking us to guess how much you paid for your house is also tacky. Besides, anyone who knows how to google can find your address and see you paid over $800,000 for that house lol. Also, what else should we expect these days from an entitled “woke” Biden supporter who has basically had everything handed to her? It’s so cringe. Also, what ever happened to your Jewish background? That seems to have gone bye-bye. Please, stop being so fake. I used to love your blog but I can’t read any of your stuff without low-key gagging these days.


It is a shame you couldn’t back up your claim with your name. You do realize you don’t HAVE to read Carly’s blog? For the rest of us it is a happy place and we don’t want to see Debbie Downer comments like this!!

Lisa Mari

That collage is so relatable !!! haha
Always looking forward to an email from you!
Kendall Jenner’s house gets all the heart eyes emojis from me!


Hi Carly – My dad and I made a corn hole set and we love it! It had become a permanent staple in my parents yard and even travels to family and friends yards when we are able to. Granted my dad is a woodworker, I definitely think you could tackle it in a weekend! My favorite part was picking a design and painting the boards.


Thanks for being authentic about how you are feeling, Carly. Really enjoy your blog.