Diary No. 37

Usually I write these intros after I have already gone through my camera roll to select the favorites to post. I have not done it yet and I’m honestly a little afraid to! This was a much tougher stretch of time to get through and I can’t remember much of what I did… this should be interesting.

My new yoga mat is here and I love it. After taking an unintended workout hiatus, I’m back in the saddle. The reality is that I feel so much better mentally when I work out not just regularly but daily. It doesn’t have to be anything, I just need to do something. Even if it’s a 10 minute arm workout from Youtube. Right now I’ve been doing a mix of barre classes with Chrissy, Melissa Wood Health, and Peloton rides.

My friend Mekina shot the photos from my dress try-on last week! We actually have no photos together so we had to make this one happen, masks and all.

I have never been more grateful for my CBD oil. [CARLYTHEPREPSTER gets you 15% off your first order!] It’s certainly being put to the test over the past few months. (Though at this point I guess it’s been more than “a few.”) I prefer taking a dropper before I go to sleep and I absolutely drift into sleep much easier. This plus + 30+ minutes of reading + a 10 minute meditation? I’m out like a light!

Two VERY hot and tired dogs. It’s been so hot that they are exhausted after about 15 minutes of running in the backyard.

I’m definitely in a good groove of shooting content by myself, but I’ve only done it in our house so far. I finally bit the bullet and brought my camera and tripod to take photos in public. It wasn’t bad at all and definitely gave me a boost of confidence for shooting outside. (PS here’s my set up)

In VERY exciting news. Our garden is popping! We have carrots, cucumbers, peppers, and radishes! Some are doing better than others, but the ones that are thriving are thriving. Very proud of this jalapeño pepper– he was an early bloomer and really made us proud 😂

I’m so crazy though– I go out a few times a day to inspect each and every plant.

I love our little house!! Can you believe this picture is with no filter? We had such a gorgeous sunset and the whole neighborhood lit up during magic hour.

Wightman Farms is such a fun weekend activity if you live in the area. (And if you don’t, highly recommend looking for a farm near you with PYO fruit!) I have more peaches than I know what to do with right now. They’re so good.

Hurricane Isaias blew over us earlier this week. It was only a tropical storm by the time it hit us, but it was a pretty intense couple of hours. Our town has its own power grid so luckily we were restored pretty quickly, however, trees and branches were down everywhere. I happened to be standing in the family room watching the wind when this massive branch fell. It happened in slo mo!!! And genuinely so freaking lucky that it fell right between our garage and house. It nicked the gutter on our garage but thank god that’s it!

I ordered these champagne coupes earlier this summer! They just arrived and are even more beautiful in person. I wish I had ordered more! Will definitely be breaking them in this weekend.

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Kristina Kral

Dear Carly,

I am happy that you are safe after the hurricane. Take care and thank you very much for the inspiration. Your dogs are the cutest!


Just watched you interactive home tour, and am wondering what kind of hanger you stuck to the wall to hang that beautiful mirror, Cheers!


Love the post. Those pups, can they get any cuter. Fun to watch things grow, right. Count your blessings on the storm damage and you’ve got firewood for the fall.

Lisa Mari

Thank goodness the branch didn’t damage anything else!
I love going on walks around my neighborhood at sunset when all the sprinklers are turned on – one of many special summer scents!

Kristina Dedvukaj

What cameras do you use outside your home? Good to hear you guys were safe!

Rachel C

I know you’ve mentioned it before and I did a search but couldn’t find the answer – where did you get your raised garden from? I really want to do one next year, so I’m going to start planning and purchasing what I can now. (Gotta spread out the cost!) Thanks!

Kelly Carr

Hi! I’m feeling very dumb but is there a way to sign up for an email each time you add a new blog post? I’m taking a social media break but would love to still see your content!