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As you guys likely know, I had been doing PureBarre workouts on my iPad since the beginning of this quarantine situation. I fell in love with Barre classes at my new gym last winter and really wanted to recreate those classes at home. I did the 60 day free trial with PureBarre and it was fantastic…. for free. Mid-way through my trial, they discontinued the OnDemand app I had been using and it switched to PureBarre Go. The user experience of the app left something to be desired so I decided not pay for it after the trial. (Speaking of which, my mind is blown that a 60-day trial is already over…)

Mike also ordered a Peloton in March and it’s being delivered tomorrow I believe. So I figure we’ll be doing Peloton workouts at home quite a bit moving forward.

However, I still miss the gym and particularly those barre classes. Well, my favorite instructor is actually doing Youtube videos right now for free. It makes me so happy to take “classes” again with Chrissy! Her barre classes were always my favorite (and I would rearrange my schedule so I could take them).

Crop Top // Leggings 

And let me be the first to tell you… they are HARD.

She does all kinds of classes, so there’s really something for everyone. Whether it’s a quick 10 minute arm workout, a full body HIIT class, a workout you can do with your kids, or a full hour of barre.

After I shared the classes on my Instagram story, I started getting a ton of DMs back from followers who had done and loved the workouts. They are really so, so hard but in a satisfying way. I hate dedicating the time to a workout and walking away feeling like it wasn’t enough. That is not the case here– in fact, I walk away dripping in sweat and with super sore (in a good way) muscles.

If you do any of Chrissy’s workouts, let me know in a comment or a DM!!! I’m already feeling stronger 💪🏻

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happy wheels

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I put her latest barre workout video on my “workouts to try” playlist! I find it hard to make time for being active during lockdown (apart from the occasional hike), but I really miss the feeling of getting in a good workout and being sore/proud. I have never really been good at workout classes, to me almost all of them feel like working out just for the sake of working out (iso of doing something that’s fun and also happens to be a workout). Hopefully I can find a few videos I genuinely enjoy! Anyway, thanks for the recommendation 🙂


Where did you go on their site to cancel Purebarre? I also signed up with the 60 day trial but now that they switched the platform over, it won’t let me log in and cancel!


You have to put your studio as “go” in California. It’ll want you to sign in for the one closest to you, but search GO and it’ll work


I had to email Pure Barre to cancel… didn’t know about the “GO” studio.

I sent an email to and they replied a couple days later confirming cancellation.

Jennifer Record

Hoping you love the Peloton as much as I do- and as much as the rest of the world.. there are SO many options including yoga and stretching and meditation. I have a feeling you’ll both be hooked pretty soon 🙂


I did one of her arm workouts and her latest barre workout yesterday with 5 pound weights and I actually had to switch to soup cans half way through the barre arms. Absolutely challenging. I am a Barre3 superfan but I’m happy to mix these workouts in!


I got my Peloton back in January and it’s been such a lifesaver during all of this — I can’t say enough good things about the bike and the community. And even past the bike, the other workouts are fantastic. Love the yoga and meditation classes right now especially.


I hope you love your Peloton! My husband and I agree – best purchase ever!!! Working with the instructors makes you feel like you’re in a class and I absolutely love it! (just hit the day 60 milestone 2 days ago). Their Facebook group has some good advice too. Good luck and I may try some of those workouts. I used to do The Daley Method and loved it.

Sarah R

I’m a Pure Barre member, so I absolutely LOVE barre and have been doing my local studio’s workouts in our Facebook group. But I decided to try one of Chrissy’s classes based on your recommendation–SO hard! It’s a slightly different style of barre than Pure Barre (in my opinion), but it was so fun and challenging! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you for sharing these! I agree, the new Pure Baree Go platform is not as user friendly and I’m also not planning to renew. I’ve been looking for alternatives so these are great!


HOLY SMOKES! Her workouts are hard!! Thanks so much for sharing! I have a Peloton which I love (and excited for you to try!), but was also looking for more “strength” type workouts that I could mix-in, but only have the 3lb weights that came with my bike…and 3lbs was more than plenty for me in Chrissy’s workouts!


I started doing her videos after you posted about them on IG, and now I’m obsessed! I will be so sad if she takes them down or stops posting after quarantine is over. They are literally the hardest workouts I’ve ever done, but in a really good way!


Will definitely check these videos out! I’m a barre fanatic, usually sticking to Pure Barre, but have been loving the Physique 57 live stream workouts on Instagram during this quarantine period. Have also heard good things about sculpt society which is a combo of barre and dance cardio I believe.


Great videos, thank you for sharing! I just finished the ‘Just arms’ video after my evening walk, can’t wait to try the others!


Thanks for sharing! I’ve been doing Barre Centric on YouTube and have gone through all their videos a few times so I’m looking forward to trying something new.

Marah Elizabeth

Thanks for sharing, Carly. I have been enjoying HASfit and Two Birds Yoga YouTube channels during quarantine and am excited to try one of Chrissy’s workouts!