Gingham Finds

Last week I broke out my gingham pants! A bit of a step up from my usual casual jeans look and it even got me in the mood for summer weather. Rounding up some gingham finds that caught my eye…

Top // Similar Pants // Shoes // Earrings // Curtains // Chair, Table, Rug, Ginger Jar, and Lamp are all Homegoods finds

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Hi Carly! How come you didn’t choose a full sized table for your office? Just wondering; I’m in the process of decorating mine.


The room is super narrow! The picture is deceiving but there isn’t much room because we have a daybed in there too


You look so happy and smile so big in all the outfits you’re taking at home. The ones by your photog are lovely, obviously, but these home ones look like you’d look hanging out with friends, a big genuine smile!

Dog Mom

That rug is perfect if you own a dog (always trying to find something that can handle a few muddy paws)! I clicked so quickly to buy, ha.

You should do a post on dog friendly rugs! I am perpetually looking for brown/dustier shades that can withstand the occasional muddy paw without daily major cleaning or it looking super dirty.


Is there a room in your house that isn’t decorated with junk from home goods?


Dear Miss Amy – if you don’t like or appreciate the content presented here, why don’t you just skip it? One has to wonder if your awful remarks are the result of a lack of upbringing, education, breeding, etc., or simply a commentary on what is happening in your life. In any event they are boorish and uncalled for. I think Carly’s home is lovely!