Four Product Makeup “Routine”

My skin has been loving this no-makeup thing. This has been a great break for it, but also this period of time has made me realize how much freer I feel without wearing too much makeup. Most days I go completely without, but I do feel a bit more put together with a touch of makeup.

Here are the four products I’m using. Simple and natural-looking.


This stuff is amazing! A sunscreen and gives you the glowiest skin. It actually feels like a miracle worker. It gives a bit of coverage, though less than a tinted moisturizer. There is something magical about it, trust me. If you don’t want too much of a glow you can always mix it with a moisturizer or another sunscreen to tone it down.


This is my “holy grail” beauty product. I don’t feel like myself if I don’t have my eyebrows on 😂


I always dread putting mascara on because I’m lazy. (And also with allergy season right now, things can get messy!) But a little mascara goes a long way. I love how much brighter and open my eyes look with a swipe or two. With this mascara you can go nice and light or layer for a more dramatic effect.


Okay between incredibly dry lips (side effect of Invisalign) and lack of patience for lipstick when no one is seeing me has me reaching for this stuff. It’s more like a chapstick but has just the right amount of color!

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Thanks for the tip about Super Goop. I’ll try mixing it with some sunscreen to tone down the shine!


Ordered Glowscreen based on an earlier recommendation of yours— it’s sooo good! Totally worth the hype!


Love this, Carly! I just ran out of my Glossier sunscreen, and I’ll definitely be trying the SuperGoop now. I’m also going low-to-no makeup during this weird time and my skin is seriously thanking me for it after wearing makeup so often at college.