One of the best parts about the internet is that I’ve been able to make some amazing friends over the years, regardless of where they live! One of the worst parts is it means you can become friends with people who don’t actually live that close. Ashley is one of those people. We’ve been lucky enough to travel together and we get together every time I visit my family in Tampa (since she’s in Orlando) and every time she visits NYC (since I’m in a NYC suburb). I do wish we lived closer… and I’m always jealous of the craft nights she does with her friends.

Well, we’ve decided to bridge the gap, and you’re invited! We’re going to be doing a girls’ crafting night on Instagram Live NEXT THURSDAY (May 28th) at 7pm making scrunchies! Ash and I thought we’d share the instructions here so you have time to gather and/or order materials. The scrunchies are pretty easy to do, so a great beginner sewing project.

We are not reinventing the wheel. Ashley and I have both used and loved the template by Sew Much Ado. The template itself is a free download and here is a Youtube video where she walks through how to do it. Of course if there’s another style you want to make… go for it! Just sharing what’s worked well for us.


Here’s what you’ll need:

Printed template

– Fabric (here’s where I’ve been buying mine!)

– Safety pin

– Sewing machine

1/4″ elastic

– Sewing scissors/rotary scissors



Ashley and I can’t wait to craft with you on May 28th at 7pm EDT on Instagram Live!

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Love!! Bow scrunchies were the first thing I made when quarantine started. I have a whole slew of them now! Certainly beats spending $30 per at J. Crew 🥴


This is great! Any way the next one could be a tutorial on making the bow embroidery on a sweatshirt?


These look great,is there a way of making them without a sewing machine?