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This week was overall a great one, all things considered. I was doing a virtual talk with members of Black Girl Ventures on Tuesday, but our neighbors are having work done on their house and 45 minutes before I was supposed to start, the hammering had really increased. So I sent out an SOS text message to everyone I know in the area asking if someone had WiFi and a quiet room I could borrow… I ended up in Mike’s sister’s house and then had an impromptu lunch with two of his sisters and his brother-in-law. I was feeling fired up after the talk AND having a lunch with them did wonders for my mood. It really set the tone for the rest of the week for me in the best possible way.

With work projects getting the “go ahead” after being paused for months and new, super exciting opportunities down the pipeline I had an extra pep in my step. Just all good things on the horizon. 🙏🏻

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Bad On Paper Podcast

I recorded another episode with Grace and Becca on their podcast Bad On Paper! We did it virtually and it was fun to catch up with them! We had a lot to cover… we talked about the pandemic, politics, and proposals.

TWO // 1 Pound Bangles

Okay these are SO HARD TO FIND, but they’re back in stock. (Going fast though, two colors already sold out!) I have started doing more mat pilates online workout classes. I downloaded the Melissa Wood Health app and it’s a great mix of body weight exercises, yoga practices, and pilates moves. I have come to realize if I’m not going into a gym I need to constantly mix things up so I don’t get bored or burnt out. MWH recommends these bangles and truly they’ve been so hard to find. I promptly ordered and can’t wait to kick my practice up a notch.

THREE // Love on the Spectrum Follow Up

If you loved Love on the Spectrum as much as I did, you’ll be happy to see that Netflix caught up with the entire cast to see what they’ve been up to. I fell in love with every cast member and had been eager for an update!!! It’s one of the most wholesome shows I’ve ever watched and… I’m going to need more seasons. Five episodes was not enough.

FOUR // Striped Shirt Dress

Draper James’ most recent collection is one of their cutest yet. I have a penchant for shirt dresses and this navy and white stripe one is really tempting me. This printed chambray dress is also great– a fun way to bridge summer style with looking forward to fall.

FIVE // Peach Brie Pastry Tarts

These are like grown up pop tarts…. I was downright drooling scrolling through the photos. Brie, basil, honey, peaches, and rosemary. All on top of a  PUFF PASTRY? Count. Me. In.

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I love your videos and your blog. It inspires me a lot.
I watched many your videos about blogging and curious about your blog platform? What do you use for blogging platform? Blogger or Wordpres org or?

Thank you ^^


I really loved your interview on the Bad on Paper podcast! Out of curiosity, since I also like to read blogs, do you use an app to follow all the blogs you read? I use feedly but I don’t love the interface. Is there anything you recommend?


I LOVE my bala bangles! Definitely worth the money and wait to get them! You’re going to love 🙂 I would suggest having Mike help you put them on for a super secure fit – I can never make them as tight on myself as my husb can make them!


Five episodes of “Love on the Spectrum” is not enough for me either! Love each and every one of them! Carly-I must say that your blog is so appreciated. You are encouraging, informative, creative and so talented. You offer fresh and unique content during a time that is very challenging. Thank you!


100% agree with you, Shirley. Carly, you have put so much light and love out there during this time. Grateful for you!

Bente Houle

The BOP episode is next in my queue! I’ve been loving my Bala weights on my morning walks-don’t know that they’re really doing anything but it’s fun.

Blair S

Thank you for posting about the bangles! I noticed a woman wearing them as bracelets while shopping in Costco last week, and was totally baffled… She looked very stylish so I knew there was some cool new trend I must be missing! haha