ON MY RADAR 2.10.23

I don’t have a ton to say about this week! It was pretty much business as usual, with no hiccups, which honestly feels like a pretty big win right off the bat. Lots of quality time with Jack, the weather was warm enough to spend a good amount of time outside without freezing, and just our regular everyday activities and life. Our house is still very much under construction, but we keep inching closer to the finish line!!

Our new bathroom towels arrived (c/o)! The bathroom is not blue (shocker!), but I did manage to find a way to sneak a little blue accent in there with the towel. Went with classic “R” embroidery.

Anyway, here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Hill House’s Spring Drop

Hill House just released their spring collection and, oh, how I wish I had a warm destination trip on the horizon! I told myself I am going to hold off on buying another nap dress until the summer months to see how I’m feeling, but a few of the other styles definitely caught my eye! love the Vivi! And I got Jack a pair of the tiny shorts.

TWO // Famtography

This is such a genius concept and one I feel pretty passionately about! Famtography is a course to learn how to capture better memories of your family. Sarah’s inspiration behind starting the course is one I think a lot of us moms can relate to, she has one photo of her and her twin sons that her husband took without her asking! Famtography actually gave me a code for readers: you can use CARLY15 for 15% off!!

THREE // Eloise Themed Birthday Party

My friend Emily threw her daughter the most perfect Eloise themed birthday party. Her daughter is Eloise but goes by Ellie and they hosted it in the Weezie store in Atlanta! I mean, what could be cuter?!

FOUR // Navy Tweed Jacket

Okay Abercrombie, I see you. This is the most darling tweed jacket in navy! I feel like so many tweed pieces lately are cream or black so the navy really stood out to me. It’s also fairly affordable compared to other tweeds I’ve seen. Needed to share because it’s so cute!!

FIVE // New Stanley Cup Colors

Stanley just released some new ~shiny~ 40 ounce quenchers! I’m writing this post a little bit ahead of time, so I hope they haven’t sold out. But they would make fun little Valentine’s Day gifts.

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I’ve seen Eloise parties before but nothing as chic as that! Bookmarks for the future….


Heads up – it looks like the link to the tweed jacket might be broken. When I click on it, it brings me to the Abercrombie home page and not the item page.