ON MY RADAR 2.23.24

I don’t think I’m back officially, but I will be popping in a little bit here and there as I can for now. This year has already really tested me and I realized that I just had to pump the brakes a bit on work, especially now that Rory is here! I am so grateful to physically feel well and I’m grateful for a happy and healthy baby, but I need to put the oxygen mask on myself for a little bit, so to speak. I was drafting an On My Radar post when Hamilton’s health took a significant turn and I quite literally closed my laptop shut mid-sentence to rush to the vet and really didn’t return.

I have been collecting links though, so there’s a bunch to catch up on:

Loving Kelly Rutherford’s Instagram account– she has fantastic style and it feels a bit like Gossip Girl in real life.

This video popped up on my FYP– it’s about an article about where NYC tweens shop. It’s wild and fascinating. (Here’s the article from The Cut!)

I know Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but hearts never go out of style! I love this tiny heart bracelet.

If you were a fan of The Idea of You, you’ll love this first look Anne Hathaway posted on her IG. I can’t wait!!

Wow! Sandra Bullock’s town house is one of the most beautiful spaces I’ve ever seen. Absolutely stunning.

I haven’t skied in years (the pandemic, pregnancy, Jack’s infancy, etc.) and I’m itching to get back on the slopes– maybe next year– and I also have no need for more ski clothes. If you are though, this matching set from Farm Rio couldn’t be more epic.

The Rifle Paper Co collection for Target is really well done. Can’t even pick favorites!

I can’t stop listening to Luke Combs’ performance of “Fast Car” with Tracy Chapman at the Grammy’s. So, so good.

I’m waiting to buy new clothes until my body settles back down a bit after pregnancy… but that’s not stopping me from eyeing all the new arrivals from Tuckernuck. Thrilled to see more cane dress styles coming out– this one is breastfeeding friendly too! This best selling tweed dress is back in even more colors and I love love love these heels!

Minnow Swim just released a list of their favorite family friendly hotels in the world. Would love to visit any of them!

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I am very impressed you are posting! I hope you are taking time to rest and enjoy this period