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This week was a blur. On Monday, I thought it was Thursday all day and now that it’s Friday I feel like I blinked and have no idea what I did for the past four days. Really, nothing too exciting. The fourth quarter is always the craziest part of the year as a blogger and right now things are heating up big time. I’m extremely grateful because I had no idea how this year would go, but if nothing else I love having work as a good distraction.

I ordered some of these blue and white pumpkins from For Pete’s Sake pottery and they make me so happy! Aren’t they darling?

ONE // Apple Skillet Cake with Caramel Frosting

Mike saw this recipe on Instagram and forwarded it to me to save for later. I made it this weekend and let me tell you…. it’s divine. I did not heed the advice in the comments about reducing the sugar and I’m glad. It was perfect, as is. I didn’t frost the entire cake, instead sliced it and put a bit of icing on the side. In my opinion, that helps cut down on the sweetness so you can kind of choose how much frosting each bite gets.

TWO // Casey Neistat Is Back

A bright spot this year: Casey Neistat is making vlogs again. I love his videos and had really missed them when he went on hiatus. If you’re new to him, consider yourself lucky… you have a HUGE archive of videos to catch up on 🥰

THREE // Chinoiserie Stockings

Is it too soon to start thinking about Christmas?! I stumbled on this listing on Etsy for BLUE AND WHITE STOCKINGS. They’re making me rethink my entire Christmas decor strategy this year…. haha. So. Chic. I love the print, the size, and the gingham bow is the perfect final touch, right?!

FOUR // Connecting with Dr. Kim Swales Podcast

One of my longtime internet friends is launching a podcast!! She’s been sharing amazing tidbits on her professional Instagram and I just know her podcast will also be a wealth of useful knowledge. Her podcast will cover parenting, marriage, dating, friendship, family, relationships and self-growth with various guests. I’m recording an episode with her soon and will definitely let you know when it’s live!

FIVE // Sweater Dress Under $100

A couple of weeks ago I switched my closet over to my fall/winter wardrobe. I have a bunch of “dressy” fall dresses that I doubt I’ll wear this season. I stumbled on this grey sweater dress and think it’s perfect for a low key fall. Cute but still comfy! Love the puff sleeves.

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Ooo, so excited to hear you doing an episode with Kim! I will love listening to that. She is so wonderful!

Jennfier Sims

Carly, I would get the stocking link to work (either one). Could you possibly check it out?

Thank you!

Lauren S.

Hi Carly, would you please share the etsy seller? I know the stockings themselves are sold out but I’d like to try to follow the shop to see if they make additional. Thanks so much!


So I think she took the whole shop down? I don’t know the name unfortunately but keeping the link live if she returns

Lauren S

Sad about the stockings, but thinking of trying to sew and embroider my own. It’s my husband and I’d first Christmas in our house and we have a mantle! So exciting


First, thank you for the shoutout. I was wondering why I was getting so much sudden traffic 🙂 I really appreciate your support. Secondly, after all of these years, I am so excited to talk to you soon! And finally, Kate and I need to make that cake.


Christmas stockings might be a fun sewing project to take on! I’d never thought about it but it could be fun to make them totally custom to your style


hi, carly!

you’ve totally inspired me to start decorating for the seasons & holidays with neutral, seasonal pieces that fit w/our decor & color scheme. it’s something new to do these days when i’m very much at home (omg forever).

anyway, you mentioned previously that you were working on a diy raffia pumpkin since the target ones were sold out. any update? i’d love to know if and how you did it, bc i want to try myself.

thx v much!