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Pretty standard week here– nothing too much to report. I did get some quality time with a close friend and it was very needed!! We had pretty mild, even warm and humid at times, weather this week which meant I could comfortably take the dress I made for a spin around town. It’s definitely more of a summer dress and I chose a fall-y fabric, so you know… there’s a short window. I will say, it is SO FUN wearing something you’ve made!! This may be my first dress, but it will not be my last!!

Denim Jacket // Shoes (c/o) // Dress “Pattern” & Fabric // Tote

ONE // Matouk x Schumacher Collection

If you’re looking for splurge-worthy linens for your bedroom, you have to see the latest collaboration between Matouk and Schumacher. I love the Pomegranate style in Prussian Blue. We have Matouk bedding in our bedroom and it’s unbelievably luxurious. Worth every penny.

TWO // “The Love” by the Black Eyed Peas and Jennifer Hudson

I highly, highly recommend watching this music video by the Black Eyed Peas and Jennifer Hudson. I was moved to tears. It’s pretty mind-blowing to me that this footage is recent. (Should probably warn you that some of the footage is super disturbing so maybe don’t watch if you’re not in a good headspace.) It’s heartbreaking that this isn’t part of history… it’s happening now. So moving.

THREE // Claire Saffitz’s Malted “Forever” Brownie

Claire Saffitz shared one of her recipes from her new cookbook with Cup of Jo and I filed it away to make soon. Brownies are some of my absolute favorite desserts. I love that they’re acceptable year round– they’re the ultimate comfort dessert in my opinion! Served plain, with ice cream, with a dollop of whipped cream, or with fresh fruit. I’ll eat a brownie any which way; need to try hers!

FOUR // Fair Isle Sweater

Fair isle sweaters are some of my absolute favorite “novelty” sweaters. They’re kind of difficult to find in nice prints and colors from year to year. Boden released a couple of options (for women and kids) and they’re great. I want to try the fair isle sweater dress and I love this classic blue option.

FIVE // Doll Dress Journey

This week I made an American Girl Doll dress for the daughter of one of my friends. I found an incredible (free!) pattern on Pinterest and I was super impressed with the level of detail. Honestly the dress was like a teeny tiny work of art. I read the story of how the designer got into doll dress pattern making and it hit me in the feels. Wanted to share it with you too. I am going to look to see if our library has a similar “closet.”

PS J. Crew is 50% off (most things) this weekend! I’m going to round up favorites tomorrow, but wanted to mention it here if you want a head start 😉

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I have such a large American Girl collection that I’m holding onto till my daughter is older. You can send your old dolls back to American Girl for around $30/$40 and they will make them look new and fix their hair.

But I’m also saving probably hundreds of hand made dresses my grandmother sewed for my dolls.

Alicia OConnor

Thank you for sharing “The Love”, Carley. I hadn’t seen it and it is amazing. xoxo


Thank you for sharing that video. I cried through the whole thing. I am sharing it as well. Great job on your dress, by the way!


That video was so moving, thank you for sharing. I’ve been feeling so hopeless this week and needed to remember that compassion and love still exist. “Justice is what love looks like in public.” So powerful.


So happy you love the Matouk Schumacher collection! I work for Schumacher and we’re so excited by how the bedding turned out! Pomegranate is one of my favorites also!