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I’ve been making my own masks! It’s actually what sparked my desire to sew so much this year. I’m still using the same pattern, though I’ve upped my fabric game. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make them to sell. But I have shared a couple of mask round ups though; here’s my most recent one.


If you asked me six months ago, I would have said paper books, followed by audiobooks, and then finally digital books. Right now though? Audio, digital, and paper last! Say what? I used to need to listen to books in a very specific genre and I’d sometimes regret choosing audio, wishing I had read a physical copy. I’ve gotten so into audiobooks though and now it’s almost always my preferred choice. I think it’s because I feel like I can get totally swept up into a story when I’m listening to someone read it to me? And as for physical books… I still love it, but I’ve been downloading e-books from the library and LOVE having the books on my phone at all times. And if Mike goes to bed before me, I can stay up reading without worrying about the lights.


I have a 2015 Subaru Forester. It’s pretty bare bones, nothing fancy! But man do I love it! I own the car and love not having car payments, plus Subarus retain their value and last for, like, ever. Sometimes I wish I had a fancier car and maybe I will upgrade at some point, but for now she’s a keeper!


Yes and no. I receive too many DMs to answer them all, which I hate (not that I receive them but that I don’t have enough time to respond). I wish there was a better way I could manage DMs… but right now I spend between two and three hours a day JUST answering DMs and that doesn’t include my time on email. It’s a lot. I wish I could respond to everyone, but I try my best to tag products, add appropriate geotags, and link to blog posts where I answer FAQs. I tend to use frequent DMs as content guidelines for my blog.


I don’t even care if they’re cool or uncool. I love ’em and couldn’t live with out them at this point. These are my favorite pair and I pretty much wear them at some point every day between October and May.


I’ll take whatever, honestly. I’m really excited to be a mom, no matter what road I need to go down. Ideally I’d like at least two children because I love the idea of having siblings. I feel *so* lucky to have had a sister and I hope my children have a similar relationship with each other regardless of quantity or gender-combos. I used to only want two but then I married a man from a big family and it’s a totally different, amazing, energy. I know I’ll be happy no matter what.


I never pictured myself living in NJ– I had only gone to NJ for crew races in college and we saw nothing other than the river and river banks so I just didn’t know what to expect. New Jersey was a non-negotiable for Mike (from both a career and family perspective) and I had no roots where I was living so it was an easy decision. I would have moved here no matter what because I love Mike and I have no problem blooming where I’m planted, BUT it turns out I love New Jersey! I also really like this particular area because of its proximity to NYC. Obviously right now we’re not going in (haven’t been since March 6), but generally speaking.


I went in for a session at the end of February… and then obviously couldn’t go in again. It hurt a LOT more than I was expecting. All the Youtube videos I watched made it seem like it was ~painless,~ but I was sweating and gritting my teeth through the pain while the laser was going over sensitive areas. I was expecting pain in the usual spots (like my bikini area), but my SHINS were the most painful. With that said, the one session definitely worked for that lifecycle of hair, so right now I have awkward period of time with like patchiness. It’s a bummer because I paid for a bunch of sessions and haven’t felt safe enough to go in again. (You’re in a super tiny room and I’ve been getting full body which takes hours.)


The only way that doing BBG worked for me was when I did it with friends. I had an accountability group and we all did the same workouts in the same week. We lived in a bunch of different places so we never worked out in person, but I knew I was going to have to tell them on Monday morning whether or not I had completed that week’s workouts. It also helped that we could text each other our moanings and groanings!

As for how I find motivation to work out right now? Doing workouts that I enjoy is the only way I can get excited. I also try to plan ahead and put workouts on my calendar so I don’t have the “I don’t have time” excuse. On Sundays, I sit down and figure out which days I’ll be working out and at what time. My schedule is crazy so sometimes it’s morning workouts, sometimes it’s pre-lunch, and sometimes it’s after work in the evening. No matter what, doing something I love and mixing up my routine when it gets stale are my biggest motivators for staying on top of things.


Mostly, I feel exactly the same! I feel like we had been living a pretty similar lifestyle, especially since we bought our house. It’s weird to say “husband” and hearing Mike say “wife” in reference to me. I still feel like we’re in a bit of suspended reality due to the pandemic so I’m not entirely sure if that’s playing a part in it not feeling that different? But I think it’s owning a home together first. I kind of love that we got married and came back from our honeymoon and then settled right back into our normal life. 🥰


CODY!!!! I know it’s such a basic response, but whatever it’s true! I love his personality and music selection and I always feel good doing his rides. They’re hard enough where I feel like it was worthwhile and yet not too hard where I feel like I “failed” or couldn’t keep up. And his stories? So entertaining, which is just what I need when I’m dying on the bike! PS Come spin with other blog readers with the hashtag #pelotonprepsters

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If you’re loving ebooks you should definitely consider a Kindle! I love it because there aren’t any other distractions on it (unlike my phone), GREAT for reading the dark, and it’s so light (great for traveling and I never have to be that person carrying multiple physical books on a trip again – not that this will be a concern for a while…).


I’ve been debating one! But I have an iPad and an iPhone and didn’t know if it was overkill, ha!

Meg Reichel

The kindle is so light and I love that it doesn’t get texts/have other apps that suck me in, totally worth it in my opinion!


I agree! My boyfriend got me a Kindle for my birthday and it’s WAY better than the iPhone or iPad kindle app. And as a bonus, the newer ones are waterproof so I feel much more comfortable poolside with my kindle.


I actually got a Kindle when my iPad got too old, but I preferred reading on my iPad! lol maybe it’s my library app, but even after trying all the settings I just do not like the way the pages display or turn on the Kindle!


I thought that too! but the light on the kindle paperwhite is way easier on your eyes in the dark and much easier to read on than the phone. Really recommend!


I had been reading on the Kindle App on my iPad until a family member gave me an old Kindle, and wow…I actually like it a lot better! It is bigger than my phone, smaller than my iPad, and is just easier to grip and a lot lighter! Really recommend, ha.

Sadie L

Like everyone else said, I love my kindle. I have the paper white, which is light and easy on the eyes at night. I find reading on my phone too distracting and iPhones and iPads weigh quite a bit more than the kindle. Obviously, if you’re fine with your phone you don’t need another gadget, but I definitely think if you’ve thought about it then it probably could serve you. I check out books from my library and send them straight to my kindle. One thing I would consider is how do you like turning the page when you read on something like your phone or iPad. This is going to sound funny, but sometimes I’m comfortable reading in bed on a cold day/night and moving my hand out from under the covers to go back a page or forward a page depending on how I’m laying can be annoying on the paperwhite. The paper white uses a touch screen to turn the page, while the oasis has the two buttons on the right hand side, which I think could be less annoying. So it’s worth considering if there’s a mechanism you’d prefer. Also, I don’t know if they still do this, but I bought the cheapest version of my kindle, which means I get ads on the screen when it’s off. I’m a highly anxious person and they kinda throw me off sometimes. If you buy the more expensive version there won’t be ads.


I also wasn’t sure if I should invest in a Kindle (I resisted for what feels like 100 years since its launch), but I ended up getting one early on in the pandemic because I wanted to read, and read, but also wanted to mitigate amazon book deliveries! I ended up going with the Kindle Oasis, and it’s truly a great tool, better than reading on an iPad IMO. I almost feel silly for not getting it years ago, would’ve saved so much space in my luggage while I traveled!


Fun! I love the vida and Tory Burch masks. Hands down the best. Especially as I can’t sew (yet…. lol).
Kindle is awesome. I do love the tangible friendliness of a book, however, that’s now just for the special, bestie, books. Books are friends in our house! I love having a library on the go.
Happy Fall!
(And Happy Halloween! Your recent reel was so silly lol.)


Hi! You should look for someone who does the cold laser hair removal. It has zero pain – almost like getting an ultrasound – zero! I found that it works super fast too. Got mine with a groupon deal and now I just go back once or twice a year to do touch ups. Would definitely recommend finding someone who does this!


Just going to echo everyone else and say a kindle is life changing! It’s great for reading in the dark and not bothering your partner AND for reading in the sun. Plus I think it’s better for your eyes/easier to fall asleep afterwards because it’s less back lit? Maybe I made that up. Also, seconding laser hair removal. I was like HOW does this hurt more than waxing?

Libi Orman

Subaru Foresters are where it’s at!! My husband bought a 2020 Subaru Ascent last year so I requested to take his 2013 Forester! Love it! I still have a 2014 Jeep that has been sitting in my driveway for months. Forester is like the perfect size for me!

Sandra Bozoghlian

I came across your blog because I’m a total bibliophile and I have loved all your book recommendations and reviews. Thank you so much.

Jessica Sherrill

I’m about to buy a 2010 Subaru Forester! Your review of your Forester helped me decide it was the car I wanted to get. We’re getting a 2010 because we can pay cash for it. Totally relate to loving no car payments!


Cody is the best! Everyone loves him for a reason!

I really liked what you had to say about getting married after buying property. We’re starting to house hunt and will likely get married after we buy, so your at home wedding has been a huge inspiration. I’d love to just have a few friends and family gather in a yard that we’ve tended and then go back to normal life a couple days later!