This week was kind of “magical.” I FINALLY rounded the corner in terms of my work stress (which always peaks the two weeks following Thanksgiving) and slowly dipped my toes into feeling the holiday spirit. I think I pinpointed that I was feeling a bit of grief over this year. Particularly how the holidays will look and feel different, and was able to kind of acknowledge how I felt and come to terms with a different year. Once I let go of those expectations, I feel like I had room for some holiday spirit to work its way in! And then we had the PERFECT surprise snow day. The weather app said “flurries” at 10 am. But 10 am came and went and there was no sign of snow. And then bam! Perfect snow– the kind that looks fake because it’s floating so beautifully down from the sky.

It was still a normal work day but it felt special with the snow coming down outside. (Plus, I love watching the dogs run through the yard in the snow!)

ON MY RADAR 12.11.20

ON MY RADAR 12.11.20

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // “This Is What Happens to Couples Under Stress”

When the lockdowns first came into play, I was quite nervous about being home all day every day. I was so used to being in the house alone while I worked all day that I wondered how it’d go. There was a little adjustment period, mostly while we figured out the logistics of how it would go with one person taking a lot of conference calls and another person needing to photograph/video throughout the house, but it’s actually been such a nice period of time. This interview was really interesting and had great takeaways on how to basically be in lockdown with your partner. 

TWO // Shower Cap

The other day I realized I didn’t include one of my favorite 2020 products in any gift guide! I can’t believe I forgot about it! THIS SHOWER CAP. I don’t wash my hair every time I shower and I had been using cheap shower caps from the drug store. But I’ll never go back now that I have this one. It looks kind of funny on my head, but I love it. It’s way cuter than the plastic and has held up incredibly well. I also really like the “seal” it forms around my head and it doesn’t make that annoying sound when water hits it. (If you’re a shower cap connoisseur you know what I’m talking about!)

THREE // The Pointe Shop on Youtube

I absolutely love watching dance videos on Youtube. So I always get interesting dance content popping up in my recommended section. This channel features a professional pointe shoe fitter who helps people get properly fitted for pointe shoes. I’m hooked. It’s so fascinating how she can look at someone’s foot and figure out what shoe would work for their shape and why.

FOUR /// Ruffle Shirt

Whenever I wear my ruffle collar shirts, I always have people asking where they can buy it. I have a couple from J. Crew and another from Sezane that I’m obsessed with. Especially for layering– I just love how it looks popping out from under a sweater.  But mine are older and no longer available, unfortunately. I just found a GREAT OPTION though from Alex Mill! It looks very close to my Sezane one and even has dramatic ruffles on the cuffs of the sleeves as well.

FIVE // Claire Saffitz on Youtube

Bon Appetit self-imploded this year (rightfully so, it sounded like a nightmare) but I really missed my favorite: Claire Saffitz! I’m so happy she broke out on her own and started a channel featuring recipes from her new cookbook Dessert Person. I think she’s a natural in front of the camera and is has incredible technique that I love to watch (and learn from).

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Lucy Wyman

One of my favorite parts of quarantine (never thought I’d start a sentence that way…) has been working from home with my fiance. I was excited to spend my life with him before the pandemic, but I’ve loved getting to spend more time with him during the work day. He’s so funny and thoughtful, and really brightens my mood. It’s wonderful to spend the day with someone who just ‘gets me’. I’m excited to go back to the office, but I’m going to miss our long lunchtime walks and “water-cooler chats”!

Lauren Schmidt

I’m very curious to watch the Pointe shoe video! Fun fact: I was a ballet dancer all the way until I went to college and worked at a dance shoe store where I would fit young ballerinas (and all age ballerinas really) for their first pair of pointe shoes! To this day, I still find myself looking at girls feet and thinking about it! Ha