One of my absolute favorite things about the winter is skiing. On paper, skiing is not something I ever thought I’d enjoy. But lo and behold, I love it! I really love everything about it– the exercise, the fresh air, the scenery, the camaraderie. And I also really love après ski. I mean who wouldn’t though? Warm drinks, cozy outfits, and snacks.

Jury is out on whether or not we’ll ski this winter. We actually looked into renting a house for an extended period of time so we could ski often…. but we weren’t the only ones with that in mind 😆  I feel like it’s a sport that is easily socially distanced and most people wear covers over their mouths anyway.

Even if we don’t end up skiing, I will probably break out my collection of ski sweaters and pretend like I’m on a ski trip enjoying a little après ski. For hygge days in general, Mike and I like to go for a long walk with the dogs until our toes and fingers go numb and our faces get a little windblown. (Honestly this part is crucial– it makes coming inside feel that much better.) Then we’ll light a fire, grab blankets, make some kind of hot drink (sometimes coffee, sometimes hot cocoa, sometimes tea), and cozy up in the living room.

We usually have some kind of snack like popcorn or cookies but more often than not we do decadent grilled cheeses and tomato soup! Sometimes we’re just in the living room doing our own thing but together (like reading or needlepointing) but we also like to play games. Scrabble has been the game of choice lately… I think I’m going to break out a puzzle this weekend!

Favorite Ski-Related Items

favorite ski-related items

Again, you can get après ski vibe without having to go skiing if that ends up not being an option this year. I rounded up some of my favorite ski-related items that you can wear right from the comfort of your home.

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Our hygge vibe is putting on a YouTube video of a fireplace (we don’t have one) drinking some hot tea and listening to an audio book. I tend to work on my cross stitch while we listen.