What a WEEK. I really don’t have anything personal to add, other than to say that I watched the inauguration with tears of relief streaming down my face. I have had the hardest time focusing though between the days leading up to the inauguration, then I barely got anything done (whoops) on Wednesday, and now I feel like I’m playing catch up with zero motivation. (Anyone else…. just me!?)

Amanda Gorman | ON MY RADAR 1.22.21

ON MY RADAR 1.22.21

ON MY RADAR 1.22.21

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Amanda Gorman

If for some reason you didn’t get to watch the Inauguration live, you must watch Amanda Gorman recite the poem she wrote for the event. She is the youngest inaugural poet ever and, well, I couldn’t imagine finding someone more qualified. Her beautiful prose was exactly what our country needed to hear at this very moment.

TWO // 7 Strange Questions to Help You Find Your Life’s Purpose

Anyone feeling a little…. lost? I found this article after it was referenced in a book I just finished. I went searching for the post, emailed it to myself, and was not disappointed when I finally sat down to read it. Highly, highly recommend giving it a read if you feel lost life and/or career-wise. Some of the points are a bit cheeky, but when you dig into them they make COMPLETE sense.

THREE // Striped Shoulder Button Sweater

I just checked Loft’s new arrivals and there are so, so many cute things. I absolutely love this striped shoulder button sweater. It comes in two colorways: navy and pink (!!!) and navy and white. No surprise I’m a sucker for navy stripes, but you just can’t beat that price. 50% off right now with code “LOVE.”

FOUR // Healthy White Chicken Chili

Full disclosure: I have not tried this recipe yet, but it’s going to be one of the next things I make. I LOVE white chili. Maybe controversial, but I prefer it to regular chili, though I rarely have it and have never personally made it. (My mom used to make it all the time!) This one from Ambitious Kitchen looks simple enough and… it’s healthier because there’s no dairy involved!

FIVE // NikkiTutorials: Layers of Me

I am absolutely terrible when it comes to makeup application, but I still love watching makeup tutorials. NikkiTutorials is the best creator out there in the makeup space, in my opinion, and I was so excited to see that she launched a mini docuseries on her channel. It’s brilliantly done. Not only does it show some of the behind the scenes (good and bad) of what it’s like to be a huge Youtuber, it also shows a deeply personal side to Nikki that you don’t typically see from just her videos. Loved it.

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Tori Beth

Thank you for sharing #2 — that is something I needed to see this week! My motivation for anything has been at a low so I’m hoping it will help 🙂

Tori Beth –


I have voted in a lot of elections and there is only other time I was so moved was when I watched Barack Obama put his hand on the Bible and be sworn in. Watching Joe Biden & Kamala Harris as the First Madam Vice -president being sworn in gave me hope that we will overcome this pandemic. I didn’t know I would ever see this in my lifetime. It was like a weight was lifted off of me.


This is such a weird behind-the-scenes blog question (and please ignore if you don’t want to disclose), but why did you link the book via Amazon rather than Bookshop? My bf and I have been discussing the book market a lot recently (like is there a untapped market for a better/more innovative Goodreads and what role influencers play in that space?) and I am super curious.


I am still linking with Bookshop on my monthly book roundups, but unfortunately people don’t seem to use the service. (Only four purchases in December total.) I’m trying to find a good balance that makes it worthwhile for me!


I started using StoryGraph (the free version) and I’m loving it! I’m still on GoodReads too, since I do like seeing what my friends are reading, but StoryGraph provides really cool metrics on books such as the pace, whether the protagonist is likeable, etc. and provides better recommendations imo.


Love that you shared about Layers of Me! Would be interested to hear about other YouTubers you enjoy!


I can’t get Amanda Gorman’s poem out of my head! Have been obsesssed with it since the minute she started talking. It’s so, so powerful and moving and her delivery of it was also incredible.


Thank you so much for the article about finding your lifes purpose! Somehow it got me thinking about the question with a totally different approach. I can’t even say why but it triggered something and I found it really inspiring. It took away the “Corona related numbness” and motivated me to get into action concerning a few things and this is really good thing.