This week was a bit of a blur over here. I feel like I’ve been on the hamster wheel in a perpetual state of being behind and I’ve just been trying to get back on top of things. (Or at the very least not be as behind!) The days have been bleeding together a bit, too. Mike and I are brainstorming things to look forward to as we get into March. We were thinking of picking a snow-free weekend and doing a staycation in Montclair and staying in Bobbi Brown’s hotel!

ON MY RADAR 2.19.21

ON MY RADAR 2.19.21 Viral TikTok Baked Feta Pasta

ON MY RADAR 2.19.21

ONE // Viral TikTok Baked Feta Pasta

I made the viral TikTok pasta this week and it was honestly delicious. I didn’t have enough tomatoes and our grocery store only had one kind of feta so it wasn’t a 100% perfectly followed recipe. But I knew it was going to be good because it seemed like half of the country had made and loved it already. It isn’t very healthy, but for a comfort food? 10/10 recommend.

TWO // How to Help Texas

Feeling helpless with what is happening in Texas with the power outages?? I feel for everyone suffering right now in freezing temperatures, no power, no water. I know from friends grocery stores have also been wiped clean. This thread on Twitter shares a ton of ways people can help. Here is an additional list as well.

THREE // Ambitiously You Etsy Shop

Do you remember Cierra?! She just launched an Etsy shop with some adorable motivational mugs and sweatshirts. Personally love the plant affirmations mug and the “I am Enough” sweatshirt!

FOUR // Nadiya Bakes

I will absolutely be watching Nadiya Bakes on Netflix. I’m in need of a good pre-bedtime relaxing show and this one looks perfect! I prefer baking to cooking, but even still I usually stick to simple things…. I think I want to try stepping up my game and this could be the perfect show to get me inspired!

FIVE // J. Crew New Arrivals

Wow, J. Crew delivered with new arrivals this week. It has me wishing for spring and a tennis court. This “Love Forty” sweatshirt is darling (when did I become so hooked on sweatshirts?) and loving this tennis racket t-shirt… totally reminds me of J. Crew circa 2004.

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I have been making the healthier version of this pasta for years! Roast the tomatoes in olive oil with diced onion and one finely diced baby carrot (adds natural sweetness). Stir in cooked pasta and sprinkle with just a little parm (or feta). It’s so warm, hearty and full of fiber.

Swapna King

I made the tik tok pasta for our Vday dinner with my hubs and daughters. The oldest had sent it to me weeks ago, as she is on tik tok. My family enjoyed the pasta, especially my husband. Love Italian style food for VDay. I guess “red”. Cierra’s Etsy is great! I hope she is successful! I love love the J. Crew new arrivals! I made a collage for my Insta on all my faves, including all things tennis! J. Crew keeps hitting it out of the park. I hope their financial situation is much better. You are going to be so cute in the next few months with your bump. I totally see a your baby with your dark hair and Mike’s blue eyes.