I’ve had a few things from Lululemon over the years, but recently I have become reintroduced to the brand. I was having a particularly uncomfortable day (from that first trimester bloating) and I couldn’t stand to be in any of my clothes. My yoga pants, which I’ve loved for years, felt like they were digging into my stomach and I just wanted to be comfortable. Two of my friends separately told me I needed the Lululemon Align leggings. I took myself on a “date” to the mall to try on a few things. It was more than successful.

Honestly, I love the Align leggings so much that I don’t want to wear anything else. They’re SO COMFORTABLE. Soft and stretchy. I still feel supported without feeling like I’m suffocating. Thought I’d share a couple of my other favorite items and I’d love to hear what “can’t miss” items you love too. Clearly I’m behind and need to catch up 😉


LULULEMON FAVORITES align 25 leggings


I have short legs so usually try to go with a 7/8 length legging. You can see the length on me in this post for Saturday’s outfit. I also would usually go with a size 4 in the leggings and sized up to a 6 for bump-growth. So I tried both on in the store and the only real difference was the 6 feeling a little baggier around my ankles… I wanted room to grow in these because I’m only going to get bigger.



I’ve been a fan of the short sleeve swiftly for a while and a new convert to the long sleeve. I used to buy them whenever I found a color in my size on sale. They are fantastic for working out and also look great when you’re just running errands. I really like how supportive the shirt feels. Especially when we could go into workout classes– you never have to tug this down or worry about it flipping up and showing skin throughout the class.




I really struggle to find socks that don’t bug me. I have like sock seam sensitivity. My feet are two different sizes and my left spinning shoe fits perfectly and the right shoe is just slightly tight. All this to say, I’ve been on the hunt for nice thin socks that don’t slouch down while I do the Peloton. These are so great!!

Okay, what are your Lululemon favorites?! I want to try to find a sports bra I love and I’ve been eyeing one of these jackets, too. 


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TBH I can’t stomach lululemon prices for the most part (I have no washer/dryer and am a regular exerciser so I need a LOT of workout clothes), but I love their bags. I searched high and low for one with a good protective laptop sleeve AND room for sneakers AND easy to clean and theirs was the only one that fit the bill, plus it has the best organizational features (special compartments for phone, keys, earnings, headphones, wet bathing suit, etc.).


The Align leggings are the best! I wore them before getting pregnant, while pregnant, and after being pregnant and they always fit and were comfortable. I wish I could have a pair for every day of the week!


I’ve had my define jacket for years (maybe 6?) and it still looks great! For sports bras, I love Outdoor Voices. They have some that are slightly longer than your average sports bra that I find very comfortable, and I think (hope!) they’ll fit throughout my pregnancy.


Welcome to the Align cult! They’re the only leggings I want to wear. The only drawback is that they aren’t *super* warm for North East living

Tracy Bach

I LOVED the Align leggings and the On the Fly pants while I was pregnant. And still wear both every day for work and working out! Huge fan of the hotty hot short II for running too 🙂


Love the LuLu Align Crop. Although NOT pregnant I too sized up for comfort and love wearing them. As far as a shirt, I mostly buy a t-shirt from a restaurant or public event that raises money and wear that. (Supporting causes and restaurants I love). Some of those marathon shirts and restaurant shirts have some awesome artwork. While some may think that this attire is not acceptable, I don’t care. What I care about is helping those anyway I can. I choose to dress appropriately when necessary (ie. country club, tennis court, golf, parties etc etc).


I amassed quite a collection of swiftly tanks the past few years! I size up so they aren’t super tight but they’re great for a work out since they’re more fitted. I also prefer Wunder Unders or anything in Luxtreme for working out.


The Align are wonderful!! First trimester I lived in my pre-pregnancy size (4) and had the regular length but once I started really bumping, I bought a pair of the Super High Rise Align leggings in a 6 and they are HEAVENLY! The extra height on the band goes over my bump so I feel supported rather than chopped off mid-bump. They only come in 28” length but lululemon has free hemming 🙌🏼 So I plan on getting them cropped to 26” this week.


If you love the align leggings, you HAVE to try the align joggers. They are amazing. Currently 30 weeks pregnant and living in them.


Came here to recommend the Align Joggers too. Currently wearing them at 14 weeks. I did go up one size.


Ooo aligns and swiftly’s are my favorites!! I yes to the define jackets!! I think they make one in the same material as the align leggings?! Also my all time favorite sports for years has been their Energy bra. They have so many variations like high neck and long line too! I think you’d really like the align joggers for comfy days. Also, my cousin Anna works at the lululemon at the mall at short hills and that’s who teaches me all about the best lulu finds!


The crz yoga leggings on Amazon are an amazing dupe for cheaper! I even like them more than my align leggings.


I love the Power Stride ankle socks. I have haglund deformity in my heels and these have PerformaHeel technology which I have found to majorly prevent blisters.


Would love to hear your thoughts on how the Lulu Aligns compare to Athleta’s Elation! In the market for a new GOOD pair of leggings and debating between these two.


I found the Lulu to be thinner and smoother- definitely not as supportive as the athleta. I LOVE my athleta but they don’t have as much stretch in the waist


You have to try the ready to rulu pants! They are soo comfy- love just wearing them around the house or out to do errands.


I am a huge fan of the City Sleek 5 Pocket 7/8 Pant. They’re the only pants I want to wear for work, because they fit like a jean, but look professional. I have 4 pairs, because I know I’m going to wear them into the ground, and am ALWAYS on the look out for new colours.

Steph D.

I wish I didn’t love Lululemon so much… it’s very dangerous to have one in walking distance from my office. My favorite pieces are their Define jacket (so flattering! I have 2), their Breeze By short & long sleeve shirts, the Align joggers, On The Fly joggers, and the Down For It All vest. I’ve heard the Align leggings are a popular pregnancy choice (and still fit post-baby) – also a fan of Beyond Yoga’s spacedye leggings that are similarly comfortable.


Second the vote for beyond yoga. I am deeply in love with their space dye collection. I think the usual leggings might be too compressive in the waistband for pregnancy, but they appear to have an extensive selection of maternity specific cuts on their website.


I love all my Lululemon Swiftly shirts. I’ve owned some for a decade and they are still in great shape.

For other brands, I HIGHLY recommend the Girlfriend Paloma bra. Maybe not great for pregnancy, but as a busty gal who hates dealing with the padding inserts, this is the best bra on the market and so flattering. I love their compression leggings too, and believe they have maternity options! Shipping takes 3+ weeks to be eco-friendly though!

Amanda G

I love the Time to Flounce Skirts. Perfect for running errands or sitting the car for long drives.


I will never forget the day when I finally had to give up my skinny jeans for the bump. I was sitting in church and leaned over to my husband and said “I can’t breathe in these!” I went to the bathroom, unbuttoned them, and ahh! Much better. Lol. I went on a Align splurge when pregnant. I’m obsessed with the joggers as well and wore my normal size in the legging. I would actually argue to stay with your normal size. I’m a curvy 10 but take a 8 in the lulu Aligns.


The Energy bras are amazing. I have basically been wearing them exclusively since the pandemic started. I also love the Wunder Under Tight. I have had the classic wunders for years but didn’t love the way recent iterations held up. The tights are a game-changer if you’re looking for a legging with a little more support.


The Fast & Free 7/8 tights are my absolute GO-TO for everyday. They are Nulux (a blend of Nulu & Luxtreme–Aligns are made of Nulu and Luxtreme is a more durable sleek fabric) so they are light, smooth, and comfortable but more durable for everyday wear. I love Aligns but they are delicate and you have to be careful with them. The Fast & Free are great for working out and running errands. Highly, highly recommend. I also recommend checking out the men’s section for Mike! My partner is obsessed with the Pace Breaker shorts and they also have the best athletic shirts for men.


Beyond Yoga maternity leggings – they come up even higher than Lululemon Aligns… SO good for when you’re further along and have a bigger bump!

Ashley S.

I just had a baby in November, and my aligns stuck with me throughout my entire pregnancy! So darn comfy.


I bought several pairs of Aligns when I was pregnant, and now they are all I wear non-pregnant too, ha! My advice, if you get another pair, is to stick with your regular size. They stretch perfectly, and I wear the same size pregnant or not. Also, when your belly is really big and the leggings start to ride low, turn them around and wear them backwards. It gives you a few extra inches of belly coverage, and nobody can tell the difference! Best wishes!