Does anyone else feel like this year is moving at warp speed?? I spent the first bit of the year in a daze, but I feel like I just looked up and all of a sudden it was mid-March. I couldn’t believe how quickly St. Patrick’s day crept up.

ON MY RADAR 3.19.21

ON MY RADAR 3.19.21

ON MY RADAR 3.19.21

The afternoon light I love it back once we sprung forward!

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // An Action Resource Plan for Asian Americans and Allies

I’ve been so disheartened to hear about the increase of racially-motivated hate crimes against Asian Americans, especially female Asian Americans. It makes me sick to my stomach. Here is a collection of resources to learn more about being a better ally from organizations to support, books to read, and actionable items you can do right now.

TWO // Hatch Collection

Hatch reached out to me on Instagram and offered to send a couple of items. It came at a time where I was feeling so discouraged by not being able to fit into my clothes anymore and not feeling like myself. I’ve quickly learned that wearing clothing that I feel good and comfortable in immediately changed my perception. Hatch Collection has GREAT maternity styles… Stylish and modern, nothing cheesy. I’ll do a try-on with the two pieces they sent on Instagram stories, but in the meantime they offered a code for you guys to use through April 2! Use CARLY15 for 15% off (some exclusions apply: sale items, third party collabs, denim).

THREE // Book Ceiling Tiles

A school librarian has been painting the tiles of the library and turning them into book covers. All while documenting her progress on TikTok. It brought a huge smile to my face and I know those kids will looooove going into their library and seeing the colorful ceiling. (I know I would have loved it!)

FOUR // Melamine Toile Plates

How cute are these blue and white toile melamine plates? I love that they have the shape of paper plates, but they’re not disposable. Such a fun and easy way to elevate everyday dining without breaking out the china. I’m dreaming of meals on our patio again!!! These would be the perfect addition!

FIVE //  Yo-Yo Ma’s Surprise Concert

As if getting vaccinated wasn’t enough of a good thing…. these lucky people got a surprise concert from Yo-Yo Ma! He gave the impromptu concert after receiving his own vaccine during the 15-minute waiting period afterward. Can you imagine? I was already choked up after getting vaccinated just from the shot; I can’t imagine then getting a concert by the one and only Yo-Yo Ma.

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Thanks for the resources for Asian American allies!

Also love the library tiles project!! The school tiles I remember we’re so ugly.


Hi Carly, I really appreciate you acknowledging what has been going on in the Asian community! Not all Asian people living in this country identify as Asian Americans for a multitude of reasons so in conversations like this, it would be more appropriate and inclusive to say Asian people. I don’t think this is something that crosses the minds US born people, even Asian-Americans—I wanted to share this perspective since I, as an Asian immigrant woman, have been discussing this language with my fellow Asian immigrant friends.


This is a great comment. My daughter and son are from Africa, and would be considered black, not African-American in the way that the US typically identifies this (descendant from Africans who were brought here as slaves). This has created issues for them at school during Black History Month where they have constantly been given a narrative and history of Black people in the US and coming from slaves. It has made them feel terrible, and we have had lots of conversations about how the history at school is not their particular narrative. We focus on all of the amazing Black leaders, scientists, etc. around the world. Race is huge and needs to be talked about but we need to remember to keep the boxes we use open and not closed up.

Erin Rice

My sister in law gave me some wise words about maternity clothing- “It is not investment dressing.” That said you do have to wear it and might as well feel cute. I bought 2 nicer outfits back when I was working in an office from Mimi Maternity then passed them on to my younger sister to use when I was finished. And a neighbor who was similar in size loaned me a coat which was great not to have to purchase.


Wow that was such a flash back about the ceiling tiles…I remember my elementary school librarian doing something similar.


Hi Carly,
I too feel disheartened, disappointed and sick at hearing about the racially motivated assaults on Asian Americans. Thank you for highlighting and making note of these attacks.

Years ago, I got the opportunity to see Yo-Yo Ma performed in person and all I can say it was a great experience.

Best wishes!


Thank you for including the note supporting the API community. My heart hurts and I want to scream.

Chelsea Moser

I was so jealous when I saw the Yo-Yo Ma surprise concert! It was literally down the street from me but I’m not eligible to get the vaccination yet.