I had a bit of a different week– in a good way. I realized I needed to get out of house and kind of sequester myself to finish a big deadline. So I booked a “workation” at a hotel a few minutes away from our house for two nights. I brought my own snacks, ordered room service for meals, and most importantly: met my deadline. I don’t think I realized how much I needed to shake up my daily routine anyway and even though I was working the entire time, it did feel like a vacation of sorts. Definitely should have done this sooner and will likely do it again.

ON MY RADAR 4.2.21 sunny dog walks

ON MY RADAR 4.2.21

ON MY RADAR 4.2.21

Everything is starting to turn GREEN here in town!!! Makes our afternoon walks so enjoyable!

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Swirled Carrot Cake Cheesecake Bars

I love carrot cake. I’d never turn down a classic vanilla birthday cake, but I think carrot cake always brings me the most satisfaction as far as cakes go. I think I’m going to try to make these carrot cake cheesecake bars this weekend. Mike loves cheesecake… and I love carrot cake…. so it sounds like the perfect match made in heaven.

TWO //Aerie’s Offline Collection

Have you guys heard of or tried Aerie’s Offline collection? I’ve been seeing it everywhere and it apparently rivals Lululemon…. my sister sold me on trying a few things! I placed an order and can’t wait to see how it all is. I’m so

THREE // Frame TV Downloads

A reader sent me a link to these Frame TV artwork downloads from Lindsay Letters. Such a genius idea. I’ve always just used my own photos for the framed artwork, but I love the idea of mixing it up with artwork from talented artists. They’re pretty affordable and there are plenty of different vibes to choose from. (PS I always get questions about whether I think the Frame TV is worth it…. the short answer is: yes!)

FOUR // Summer Bow Mid Heeled Mules

Holy moly, are these the most perfect shoes you’ve ever seen???? Talk about a summertime staple. My friend Tess shared them on Instagram and I promptly ordered. I think they’re going to look great with everything from cute dresses to jeans and a plain tee. Sign. Me. Up.

FIVE // Pianist Duets With His Neighbor

Ending today on a very, very heartwarming note. (Grab the tissues….) Two neighbors played a duet together through the walls of their apartment and the story behind it is so, so sweet. 100% recommend watching the minute long clip in its entirety. Love, love, love.

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My hunch: the deadline is a book!!
Regardless, congrats on meeting your deadline


The Aerie Offline collection is amazing! The material is so soft and all of their pieces are so flattering for every body type. I even got the bathing suits because of how comfy they are.


Hi Carly! Happy Weekend! Please please share your review of Aerie Offline picks. I been wanting to try!

Wendy Hamm

I had no idea about the LL’s downloads. Thanks for sharing. We are huge fans of Lindsay Letters. I have a large piece of hers in our new bedroom.

Swapna King

I love going on an out of town work trip! I get to work with a female teammate(male heavy), we eat at fab spots and usually do some shopping. We work hard and play hard! It’s a great refresh for me. I love the idea of carrot cake cheescake! Love both. We have many Aerie pieces in my home. I have been wearing it for years. It is one of my fave stores, next to J. Crew. Love the mules! Bows and the raffia are a perfect combo. Cannot wait to see you style them.