How was your week? Overall it was a fantastic week of productivity and fun. Balanced all the stuff I needed to get done with some fun stuff too. Now that I’m two-weeks past my second vaccination, I felt comfortable booking a few things that I am *so* looking forward to. I got a haircut yesterday, booked a prenatal massage, and (!!!!) made plans to go visit my family in Florida at the end of the month!!!!!!!! My parents, aunt and uncle, and grandma are all fully vaccinated too. I am beyond grateful and so excited to see everyone safely. Hallelujah!

ON MY RADAR 4.9.21 | ellie nap dress blue

ON MY RADAR 4.9.21

Earrings, Nap Dress

ON MY RADAR 4.9.21

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Freedom Moses x J. Crew

I am obsessed with my Freedom Moses sandals (here’s my full review of them). They were my go-to shoe all of last summer and I am already anticipating a similar situation this year. Especially since I imagine I’ll be hot and swollen during the peak summer months. I have the silver pair already…. but couldn’t resist adding the J. Crew gingham version to my cart! I can’t wait!

TWO // Protecting Your Kids From Substance Abuse

This was a fantastic listen for parents. Even though Mike and I are quite a ways away from having a teenager, we have been having the conversations within our family of how we’ll handle conversations around drugs and alcohol with our children. This podcast episode has realistic and important takeaways for how to handle this as a parent– from how we talk about our own relationships with alcohol and drugs to giving teens the toolbox for handling their own choices when they are with friends. 

THREE // Jollie Yoga Mats

I recently received a press release for these new yoga mats. I was so impressed with the designs and the cause, I knew I had to share with you guys. The hydrangea print is absolutely darling. The best part though is that for every mat sold, Jollie donates one to a pediatric cancer patient. You can even send them your old yoga mats and they will recycle it for you!

FOUR // The Jane

Oh man, I have so many great wicker bags for the summer months, but it doesn’t stop me from lusting over more. (I swear every year, they just get better and better.) This one from Pamela Munson could not be cuter. I love the Liberty lining and Jane Birkin-inspired shape. 

FIVE // Old Navy Responds to First Grader’s Persuasive Letter for Pockets

Everyone loves pockets, right? When I find a dress with pockets, I know I have hard time not telling everyone who walks by, “It has pockets!!!!” This first grader wrote a letter to Old Navy as part of a persuasive essay lesson at school on why the jeans should all include pockets and they agreed! The jeans should have pockets– they even sent her a few pairs.

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The Freedom Moses slides are THE best for wearing during your birth hospitalization if you plan to deliver in a hospital. Easy to wear comfy socks in bed, then slide them on when you want to walk around the room or take a shower without worrying about bare or socked feet on the floor!

Shayla McMurray

Not to inundate you with things to read (especially because I am not a mom, lol), but I read a book in college that made a huge impact on how I want to be a parent. It is called How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character by Paul Tough.

Synopsis: We’re convinced that a good performance in school exams will lead to success later on in life. But what if we’re wrong? In fact, studies are increasingly showing that the qualities most likely to ensure a better degree, a better job and, ultimately, a more fulfilling life are perseverance, curiosity, conscientiousness, optimism, and self-control. This title introduces us to a new generation of researchers and educators who are using the tools of science to peel back the mysteries of character.


So happy you get to see your family. PS. If your husband isn’t going, be prepared to MISS HIM more than usual!! You don’t realize how much time you’ve actually spent together in the last year. Still will be so wonderful!


It’s time to try it again: please go two posts without mentioning your pregnancy. I get that it’s a big deal, but it’s not such a big deal that every single post needs to reference it (multiple times typically). “Blog as daily diary” only works if you have new, interesting things to share – it’s just not that novel to update the world on your pregnant outfit choices. While we’re at it, perhaps try to avoid “obsessed” and “go-to” as well.


Kind of ironic coming from someone who incessantly left comments about how you anticipated I would get pregnant the week after my wedding. (Just in case you didn’t know, your IP address remains the same when you comment, so changing your email address to a fake one doesn’t do anything. I can still see your full comment history.)


I mean… growing a new human seems like a big deal to me! And why read her blog if you’re not interested in what’s going on in her life? Seems like you’re the one who could stand to avoid the “obsession.”

Sheesh, Carly, I’m sorry you have to keep putting up with this.


Lisa, is there anything about Carly’s blog that you do enjoy or do you just come here to be mean?


Lisa, this is unnecessarily rude. It’s Carly blog and she should absolutely include what she wants to. Also, having a first child is a huge deal. There are many corners of the internet available to you if this one doesn’t suit.


Lisa you really got ripped off, you should request a refund for your blog subscription.

Carly M

This was incredibly unnecessary and just so mean. The website literally has her name on it. She can talk about literally whatever she likes. And she didn’t even mention it here aside from saying she got a prenatal massage.


That 1st grader is my niece! She’s a firecracker and her parents are just wonderful at encouraging her to use her voice. We’re so proud of her!

Swapna King

I love your profile pic! You are glowing! I have the Moses gingham sandals in my cart as well. I know you prefer the blue gingham, but any thought on the red and pink? Both are so cute. Always good to educate yourself on issues facing children these days. I never really wanted a wicker bag til you and other instabloggers introduced them to me. I love the look during upcoming warmer months. The yoga mat is too cute! That 1st grader knows what she is talking about! I look forward to this post every week.


Hi Carly, I am also pregnant and will have my second vaccination in two weeks. I am kind of nervous but sure it is the right thing to do to stay safe and healthy. We’re you worried before you got the shot?


I recommend talking to your healthcare provider to answer any questions or concerns you have!