DIARY No. 53

This was a “busy” two weeks. I know busy is an overused term, but I have to say… in this case, it’s all GREAT stuff!!!! Finally starting to feel like there’s light at the end of the tunnel. If nothing else, we are now able to fully enjoy being outside. Mike and I have been trying to eat as many meals outside as possible, whether we’re home or going to a restaurant. It makes a huge difference!

Even just scrolling through my phone, I felt like we fit more into the past two weeks than we did all winter.


Sunday Motor Co Cafe | DIARY No.53

We got so lucky that Sunday Motor Co Cafe opened up right down the street from us!! It’s become quite the destination, especially on the weekends, it gets so crowded. So grateful we can walk to it whenever we want. I met up with my sister in law for a brunch outside and it was glorious!

Stoney Clover spring pastel collection | DIARY No.53

Stoney Clover sent me a couple of things from their new spring pastel collection. Absolutely adorable!!!!! I love that you can personalize the pieces with different patches. They sent me one with “CR” and one with “NDLPT” which I thought was so, so thoughtful!

another round of Invisalign trays | DIARY No.53

I just picked up another round of Invisalign trays!!!

I’ve been at it for just over a year. There were a couple of COVID-related delays, but I’ve seen so much great progress.

Easter candy

How old is too old to receive Easter candy from your mom?! Asking for a friend… because I hope never. All my favorites 😉

Sorriso Chatham, NJ | DIARY No.53

I tried a new restaurant in Chatham, NJ and it was delicious. I treated myself to a takeout working lunch, but definitely want to try to go back and sit with a friend or two. Such a cute spot– it’s usually packed when I drive by so I’ve never stopped and now I will definitely prioritize a visit soon!

Easter bouquet pop up

Surprised that I ended up back at Sunday Motor? (I go all the time really.) I was surprised last Saturday to see that they had an Easter bouquet pop up happening! Had to get one for the house– loved how festive it was with the eggs.

Hoboken in spring

Mike and I went into Hoboken to have an outdoor dinner with his sister.

It was a GORGEOUS night!!! We had to go to my favorite spot in all of Hoboken: Onieals!!!!! Get the All-American burger if you go… you will not regret it.

Onieals All-American burger

dog played with mud


Took the dogs to the park for the first time in a while and they were in heaven. Ham was having such a great time he decided to drag himself through the world’s muddiest puddle. Worth it to see the joy on his face though. (It took 30 minutes of scrubbing him in the tub to rinse it all off!)


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Love the flower pop up! A local florist here has a ‘flower bar’ on Thursdays and Fridays and I love getting a few stems every week! Always so bummed if I can’t go on Thursday and it’s too picked over.


Not only does it have great food, Sorriso also hosts cooking classes on Mondays (non covid times) for developmentally challenged people. Great cause!


Your skin in the third photo above looks amazing! Whatever you are doing, keep doing it!