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This has been a week of very little sleep. Poor Teddy has been sick and so I have been up with him throughout the night just praying he feels better. Thankfully I think we’re at the tail-end of it, although he’s been loving his vet-ordered boiled chicken and rice diet. He’s just starting to show some more energy again, and we even made it to the beach yesterday to enjoy the sixty degree (omg!!!!) weather.

Liz Arden Home Office

Wearing: Shoshanna Dress (c/o) // Bobbi Brown “Burnt Red”

I also went to my first event of the year: a night “at home” with Liz Arden. The Elizabeth Arden team rented out an apartment and had the whole place set up as a nod to how a modern “Liz” would live. Every room was perfectly decorated and showcased one of the new products. I loved the home office the most! I felt like I fit right in 😉

Okay. SO many great things on my radar this week, let’s dive right in:

ONE // We Trained Like Superheros for 30 Days

This is an amazing video that demonstrates the benefits of consistent workouts and healthy eating. I don’t think it’s necessarily realistic to set your goal for one month, but the principles are good. I’ve noticed a huge change in my life from incorporating regular workouts and eating better (aka giving up a lot of sugar, my one real vice).

TWO // Stranger Things Selfies

How cute is the cast of Stranger Things? I love those kids even more after their selfie spree at the Golden Globes. I’m impressed… and would probably do the same thing. Oh, and bonus: did you see the rap they did announcing that Barb’s not dead!?

THREE // The CUTEST Under $100 Booties

Stop what you’re doing and go check out these booties! They’re under $100, the perfect height, and so flipping cute with that back bow! I want them in all three colors, to be honest!

FOUR // Jenna Bush Hager’s Apology

As hard as it is to deal with the aftermath of a mistake, it’s often even harder to apologize. I thought Jenna Bush Hager’s apology after mixing up the names of movies was spot on. Watch it. I think it’s one of the best public apologies I’ve seen to date.

FIVE // Lily Collin’s Dress

I think Lily Collins is stunning and I love her style! Her Golden Globes dress was sheer perfection. InStyle did an amazing short video on Instagram featuring Lily… loved it!

SIX // Alive Tampa Bay

I worked under Greg Truax during a summer internship before college, and he’s now the publisher of a new website in Tampa called Alive. They did a quick interview with me before the holidays, and I forgot to share it here!

SEVEN // Silk Equipment Dress

I have my eyes on this gorgeous silk dress. The navy looks perfect… I just wish spring would get here so we can start wearing bare legs again!

EIGHT // Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Unicorn Hot Chocolate has been flooding my social feeds. It’s apparently the latest culinary obsession, and I can understand why. The drinks are so colorful and fun! As Insta-worthy as it gets. I don’t think I could ever actually drink it (looks a little too pink and sprinkly), but I’ll happily gaze.

NINE // The Bush Twins Pen Letter to the Obama Sisters

Regardless of where you stand politically, I think this letter from the Bush twins to the Obama sisters is a must read. And even if you’ve never lived in the White House with a dad as president (🙋🏻), it’s sage life advice.

TEN // Weatherman’s Response to Daughter

I don’t know why I found this text exchange between a weatherman and his daughter to be so funny, but I did. And I hope you get a good laugh from it as well!

Happy Friday!

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Poor Teddy! Have you heard of Under the Weather Pet Products? It’s pre-made bland diet (just add water)– such a HUGE time saver when your pet is sick. I always have it on hand. PLUS they donate a ton of money to transport animals from high-kill shelters!


Carly you look beautiful in that dress! I was hoping you would share who it on this post. So chic. The letter the twins wrote to Obama’s daughters was beautiful and so thoughtful. It made my eyes water!


These picks are amazing this week! you look so amazing sitting at that desk I thought it was yours when I first saw it. Also I love Jenna Bush Hager and her apology was so sympathetic. People are so quick to judge people these days it’s very annoying.

Jen Kessler

I love the interview you shared with Alive Tampa Bay! Dance Moms is my guilty pleasure too and I really mean guilty! haha I never thought I would ever watch that show but then my mom made me watch an episode with her and I’ve been hooked since! It’s been interesting watching all the girls now that Maddie and Kenzie are gone.


I loved the Superhero Training video! I love hearing how you live a healthy lifestyle, Carly. Excited for more posts about it to come!

Southern & Style

I read the letter from the Bush sisters to the Obama girls today and it was so, so sweet. I loved the sense of community and just how precious it was!

xoxo, SS

Southern And Style


I really enjoyed watching that “superhero workout” video. I was a bit unmotivated after I fell off the workout wagon over the holidays, not realizing how easy it is to put weight back on. But seeing this video motivated me again, and it was just what I needed to start off 2017!

xo, Taylor