Cold Weather

Warm Shoes!

This weekend was a winter wonderland. I had no idea it was supposed to snow beyond a few flurries. My friend was coming out to Connecticut for the day and needless to say, our plans were put on the backburner. I couldn’t believe how much snow we got! I was so thankful for my Subaru– it drives so well in the snow. We quickly made the decision to get off the roads and go home.

I can suffer with a coat that’s not warm enough if I really want to wear it and I resist wearing gloves as much as I can because they annoy me… but I cannot stand having cold feet. I just can’t do it. When my feet are cold, it’s a matter of minutes before my entire body is covered in goosebumps from the chill.

I have a few go-to boots that I basically live in all winter long.


UGG Adirondack Waterproof Boot // I don’t have these myself, but they are a favorite of many of my friends. They’re a bit rugged looking yet look chic when paired with the right winter outfit.

Hunter Boots // These are not technically made for cold winter days, but I still love wearing mine. They’re probably my number one go to because they’re so easy to slip on. If it’s snowed, I always wear my thickest wool socks. They’re especially great when you’re going over to someone’s house, and you know you’re going to kick off your boots in the mudroom. No laces to worry about!

Sorel Waterproof Riding Boot // When I did a photoshoot with Sorel and Teen Vogue a few years ago. I thought this style was my least favorite (to be completely honest), but they ended up being the pair that I wore the most often. Incredibly comfortable. Warm enough for cold days, but not uncomfortably hot if you go inside. I swear by them.

Shearling-Lined Bean Boots // My Bean Boots are not shearling-lined… and I wish they were. Right now I pair mine with super thick wool socks, but I can’t help but think of how cozy this pair must be!

Sperry for J. Crew Boots // I get a lot of questions about what kind of boots to wear to work when it’s snowing or when there’s snow on the ground. This would be the pair I’d go for. The black is sleek enough to go with your work clothes, and the boots are small enough to hide under your desk. (Plus the zipper on the side makes them easy take them off and put them on.

Water Resistant UGG Boots // True story, I wear my UGG boots in the snow even though they’re not made for it. I love the idea of having water resistant UGG boots for those extra snowy days.

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Miranda | Miranda's Notebook

I hate having cold feet too! Hunters will very warm socks are a go-to for me in the winter as well, although snow is a fairly uncommon occurrence in London. Boots are great for tramping about a muddy Hampstead Heath though! Stay warm and keep cosy 🙂 xxx

Jordana @WhiteCabana

What? Waterproofed UGGs? Fabulous…except the traction looks awful. I slip all the time in mine. 🙁 I’m faithful to my Sorel boots – they’re getting me through the massive dumps of snow we’ve had this month so far. And I love my LLBean rainboots (I’ve had bad luck with Hunter).


I practically live in my Hunters and my Bean Boots in the winter. I love how easy they are to slip on/off (even the Bean boots if you have them tied a certain way)! I love the idea of those waterproof UGGs though!
Taylor |


I got the shearling lined Bean Boots for Christmas this year after years of having the unlined ones, and let me just say, they are AMAZING! I want to wear them all the time now here in Boston. They are lightweight and don’t make your legs tired if you walk around in them all day, but they also are super warm inside, and feel similar to my beloved old Uggs (but with an arch!!!). I did go with the 10 inch version to combat deeper snow, since my other Bean Boots are 8 inch – it didn’t make sense to have two pair of the same height.


I love my Hunter boots in the winter! Fun tip: LL Bean makes shearling shoe inserts that work perfectly and make them ten times warmer. They also last forever – I am on year 3!


My Bean boots aren’t shearling lined either, but I bought the shearling insoles so I can swap them for the originals in the winter. Don’t use them so much now that I live in Florida, but the warmth under my foot paired with thick socks did the trick in Wisconsin winters!


Omg, my Bean Boots aren’t shearling-lined either & I wore them in the snow for the first time the other day and my feet were freezing! Will def have to stock up on warmer socks to wear with them, or maybe shearling insoles.


I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and our winters are extremely cold and snowy (this week has been in the -18 to -21 C range), so a good boot is key. This winter I invested in a pair of dark brown, Doc Marten ‘Caite’ riding boots, because I wanted ones with good tread that I knew were made to last and I’ve had good luck with Doc Martens in the past. While they are a bit thin, ordering them in my usual Doct Marten size allowed for room to wear my thickest socks. With thicker socks, my feet stay toasty all day. I would definitely recommend giving Doc Martens a look if you’re in need of a good solid boot.


Ever since I’ve started reading your blog, Carly, I have dreamed of getting a pair of tall Hunter boots like yours! It’s pouring for once in California and I could definitely use a pair.

Grace Atwood

Oh god I’m so ashamed to say I don’t currently have a pair of snow boots. I threw my Sorels out last year as they were so ratty. During the last snow storm I just wore thick socks and my hunters. Time to upgrade!!!


I don’t live where snow is frequent. I love wearing my Hunter boots to pretend I’m experiencing a “real” winter.


FYI, the shearling lined Bean boots are NOT like Uggs–the foot part is not shearling, just the shaft. They do NOT keep your feet warm. I think I’ve worn mine twice and regretted it each time. This year I went for the Sorels and they are awesome!

Southern & Style

I just didn’t realize how much I would love my Bean Boots until I tried them out in Alabama’s icey situation we had last weekend-they really are the best shoes!

xoxo, SS

Southern And Style

Kylie H FitzGerald

I recently ordered hunter boots and reading this made me so excited to wear them! They just came in the mail today 🙂 I’m lusting over bean boots now haha.