I’m pre-writing this post…. but when it goes live, I should be fully relaxed down in Florida. I’ve been counting down the days until I could see my family again and I’m so happy everyone was able to get their vaccines to make this trip happen. It’s been so strange not being able to see my family– especially my mom and sister– while pregnant. I didn’t think it would bother me as much as it did, so I’m happy to cross that “worry” off my list.

ON MY RADAR 4.30.21

ON MY RADAR 4.30.21 sarah bray summer hat

ON MY RADAR 4.30.21

Our backyard is coming to life again! It’s tiny but it really does feel like Secret Garden back there. Sarah Bray sent me this hat and it’s such a nice summery vibe! And my dress is a pattern from last year’s nap dress drop.

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // J. Crew Leather Belt with Anchor

I haven’t really worn belts in a while. I used to wear one every day but then just… stopped. But I still have quite the collection though. When this anchor belt popped up in my inbox from a J. Crew marketing email I thought how cute it was. Felt like something from the J. Crew era about a decade ago!

TWO // Nell Diamond Featured in Harper’s Bazaar 

You guys KNOW I am a huge fan of the Nap Dress (and even more so lately as I have fewer and fewer things that are comfortable). I loved this interview for Harper’s Bazaar with Nell Diamond, the founder of Hill House Home. She goes into the origins of the Nap Dress and its rise to Instagram fame.

THREE // Birdies Songbird Slippers

My favorite summer slippers are available again! I received these as a gift at a bridal shower a couple of years ago and they are so comfortable. I love my cozy slippers in the winter but then generally find them too hot during the summer months. So I like to wear these around the house and they’re cute enough to not 100% look like slippers.

FOUR // Chairish Magazine

I love Chairish– I have never purchased anything but I find myself getting sucked into perusing what Chairish has to offer. It’s an online retailer of vintage and one of a kind goods. Most of what I fall in love with is out of my price range…. so I just “window shop.” My Insta-friend Melissa shared the digital magazine Chairish put out and it’s so cool. I’ve flipped through multiple times and keep finding new things to hone in on! 10/10 marketing here!

FIVE // Riley’s Textile Line

My friend Riley is launching a LINE OF TEXTILES next month. She sent me a box of the wallpaper and fabric samples…. They are unbelievably good. I’m so proud of her and know she is going to kill it. If you have any interior projects you’ve been meaning to do, 100% be sure to check out her line when it launches. Everything is so beautiful.

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I don’t have Instagram. When I click on the link for Riley’s textile line, Instagram takes me to a page where I can register for an account. Does Riley have a website that you could link to?