I am ending this week feeling so good. We had a great trip to Florida, I hired someone new and already feel immense relief, and our little town has really come back to life lately with everyone out and about and all the greenery popping.

ON MY RADAR 5.7.21

ON MY RADAR 5.7.21 | plate of chocolate chip cookies

ON MY RADAR 5.7.21

I made a batch of my mom’s cookies for our neighbor who helped us with mail and packages while we were away! How cute is this plate I picked up from Anthro?

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Sears Homes of Chicagoland

A reader sent me a link to this free presentation that St. Olaf College is putting on talking about Sears homes around Chicago. I can’t attend unfortunately, but when I posted about the home kits a couple of months ago, it got a ton of interest from you guys. So I figured I’d pass along the event in case you want to attend! I am fascinated by the “Sears Homes”– ready to build kits (with everything you need to build your dream home) you could buy straight from the catalog!!

TWO // Woven Slide Sandal

I love my regular Jack Rogers sandals still but I haven’t loved a lot of the styles that have come out in recent years. I was shocked to see these gorgeous woven sandal with perfect white piping and, naturally, a well-placed bow. SO cute and look like a great summer sandal option.

THREE // Post-Vaccine Inertia

I know a ton of my friends are feeling weird after getting vaccinated and it’s not related to side-effects. But more to do with the anxiety associated with “re-entry” into our new normal. I loved reading this article about post-vaccine inertia. Personally, I have…. zero anxiety? Kind of surprised me but I really don’t feel any kind of hesitation to restart socialization with my vaccinated friends and to resume travel here and there. But reading the article helped me better understand how some of my friends were feeling!

FOUR // Bow Back Gingham Visor

How extra is too extra?? I think I’m pretty close to jumping on the visor bandwagon this summer. I love the idea of being able to wear buns and ponytails while still getting hat coverage. (And visors don’t trap in body heat like a hat does.) I will probably go for something a bit more basic– like this packable one from Madewell– but I have to admit this gingham one is super darling.

FIVE // Original American Girl Dolls Are BACK

The original collection of American Girl dolls are back to celebrate their 35th anniversary!!!! I know people think I’m a psycho for stilling loving American Girl…. but to me they are the ultimate childhood nostalgia. The dolls and books shaped my view of the world (and myself). And they will always be associated with happy memories. And I know I’m not the only one– many people DMed me saying they ordered their “dream dolls” for themselves, as adults, and honestly? I AM HERE FOR IT.

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I gotta admit I’m highly considering getting a Felicity doll! I wanted one so badly as a child but my parents thought they were too expensive.


I think for me, part of the post-vaccine anxiety is that I’ve learned over the past year how enormously overscheduled I was, as a professional woman in a big city with a lot of volunteer and board commitments. (I realize this is a problem of enormous privilege.) The time when I officially scale back on some of those is coming, and it’s…awkward, but I have learned so much this year about the need to prioritize rest and self-care.

But I am totally getting a Felicity doll.


Totally get this!!! I definitely had some “aha” moments where I was like… I’m not going to say “yes” to XYZ anymore, I don’t miss it.


American Girl for life! If I wasn’t so superstitious I would have ordered some this week for my future babes. I still get the catalog!


I love that you featured a presentation from St. Olaf College!!! I grew up in Tampa (went to Tampa Prep) and went to St. Olaf for college. I loved it so much that I moved to Minnesota permanently! It’s such an incredibly special little college. Um ya ya!


Honestly who cares what people think about your AG obsession. I always had the books, but my family could never afford the dolls growing up. As a 35 year old I just bought my first Samantha doll and I have no regrets.


Thank you so much! And now that I get the catalogs I usually pass along to my niece. I can’t have kids so I’m happy to have nieces and nephews around.

Hena Tayeb

Those chocolate chip cookies look so good.
We are not necessarily anxious about reentering normal life. I think we are more.. I don’t know the word but the pandemic allowed us a work life balance, more family time.. my husband has an insane commute, things had slowed down. Once we go back to normal we fear we will be back on the hamster wheel..
But we are all for travel, hanging out with friends etc.

Hannah D Olson

OMG love the Sears Home St. Olaf College presentation! I’m also a proud St. Olaf College alumna 🙂


I used to get lost for HOURS playing with my AG dolls. Such good memories!!