DIARY No. 55


It’s been a fun two weeks as life slowly starts to feel a bit more normal. Some snaps from my camera roll:


Mike and I met up with his brother and wife plus a friend to hang out at a nearby cider mill. It was supposed to be really hot and sunny, but we got lucky with some cloud coverage so it was comfortable. I obviously couldn’t imbibe the cider… but I arrived with a full bag of snacks.

Dyson AirWrap experience

I splurged on the Dyson AirWrap.

And I am still somewhat on the fence about it, but will do a full review when I practice more. If you have straight hair naturally, it is amazing. The tough part for my hair is that it’s naturally curly and frizzy so getting my roots dry but smooth is a challenge.

hands on pregnancy bump

Finally, finally got down to Tampa to see my family!!!! It’s so weird that the last time they saw me in person was at our wedding and then I show up with a big bump!

cute and charming apartment

My sister moved into a new apartment a couple of weeks ago. It is SO CUTE and full of charm. It’s the perfect set up for her and I’m honestly a bit jealous! One of her best friends from childhood lives in the unit next door and they share a porch!

pregnant woman in swimsuit | DIARY No.55

Can’t wait for her to become an aunt!

Our outfits are linked here. (Her coverup was from Aerie but sold out.)

smocked bathing suit | DIARY No.55

I spent so much time outside. It felt amazing soaking up the sun after what felt like a never ending winter. Here’s my bathing suit, hat (c/o), and sunglasses.

Grace Rose Farms roses | DIARY No.55

LOOK AT THESE ROSES. Grace Rose Farms sends out heirloom roses and they smell even better than they look if you can believe it! They arrive with tight buds and within a day they open up beautifully. CARLY20 will get you 20% off!

nursery room samples

Having fun getting in nursery samples. Still making final choices but getting so, so excited to see it come together!

Sunday Motor lunch

I’ve been treating myself to Sunday Motor lunch once a week to get a tiny bit of work done. If nothing else, I’ve just been enjoying getting a change of scenery!

New Jersey is in FULL BLOOM

New Jersey is in FULL BLOOM.

When I walk the dogs now I am always on the hunt for pretty trees and plants. I think that was a great positive to come out of 2020– I have such a better appreciation for nature. I see so many more things now just because I’m simply looking for it! This one house had so much lily-of-the-valley on their property. They look like little fairy skirts!

mother's day tulips  So thoughtful of Meesh to send me flowers for Mother’s Day this year!! Love how cheery they are!!!

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What a well deserved great week!!! Please share the info on the picnic throw/blanket used at the cider mill. Thanks…


I see some Milk Bar cookies in your picnic bag!! I’m obsessed with Milk Bar…have you tried ordering one of their cakes yet? Sooo good!


It is!! It is SO SOFT. I chose it over other rug options solely for the softness factor!