This has been a great week! We did a half day at the beach on Monday before driving home and it was such a fun way to set the mood for the week. (The beach was pretty empty when we were there too, which is always nice!) Mike and I made a ton of progress on our house, between cleaning up the yard and getting the upstairs ready for baby and guests. Ashley and Ryan are coming out from the city for dinner tonight, my mom and sister fly in tomorrow, and then we’ll all get together again for a baby shower on Sunday! So many fun things to look forward to…

ON MY RADAR 6.11.21

ON MY RADAR 6.11.21 31 weeks pregnant

ON MY RADAR 6.11.21

31 weeks today… and I’m just so excited to meet him!

ONE // Broadway Is Back

I am so excited for Broadway’s return!! And clearly so are Jimmy Fallon and Lin-Manuel Miranda. This number that they did is absolutely brilliant. Talk about getting hyped up…

TWO // Hot Pink Easton

Tuckernuck’s Easton top is one of my all-time favorites. I have it in many colors and fabrics. They just released a hot pink version for pre-order and it’s gorgeous. Such a fun way to add some color into your wardrobe. I find the Easton top to be a universally flattering top. PS There’s a Tuckernuck code for 20% off (it ends today, so don’t wait!); use SKIMM at checkout!

THREE // NPR’s Book Concierge

Someone shared this in a reading Facebook group I’m in and I immediately bookmarked the page to return to the next time I find myself in a reading rut. They have tons of categories to choose from depending on what kind of book you want to read and it dates back to 2013, so there are many, many recommendations!!!

FOUR  // Smooth Slip for Summer

I need to share this again because I’ve been getting so many questions it…. this beige colored slip is amazing– and under $20. (It comes in black too, but the beige works as a “nude” for my skin.) My mom let me borrow it while I was down in Florida visiting because a dress I wanted to wear was a smidge too sheer. Why did it take me so long to get on board for a slip?! It’s so comfortable and does a great job smoothing without being tight (it’s definitely not spanx) and it provides a nice extra layer if a dress is on the sheer side of things. I am wearing it under the Nap Dress in the photo at the top of this post!

FIVE // Claire’s 9 Essential Baking Tips

It’s no secret around here that I’m a huge fan of Claire Saffitz. I’m so happy she is both contributing to the NY Times’ Youtube channel, as well as doing her own series of videos. She’s such a talented baker and I always learn from her. (Do I watch every video she does? You bet.) A couple of weeks ago, she did a video with her essential baking tips and it’s so informative and helpful– definitely a great way to level up your baking game!

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Audrey m

A silk slip has been my secret to success forever. No clinging, no panty line, no worrying about the level of sheerness of a slightly cheaper dress. 100% think it’ll help anyone!


I don’t even live in NY and I’m also excited that Broadway is back!! (If you haven’t watched the film version of In The Heights yet, I definitely recommend it to get your Broadway fix! It’s so beautiful and powerful.)