I can’t believe we have another week of parenting under our belts. Granted… things are pretty straightforward so forward (so many feedings! so many naps!), but every day that passes I think to myself, “We’re doing this! We’re really doing this!”

Life has been a bit of a blur as we follow the lead of a newborn. The days are starting to blend together and I’m trying to establish a bit of a routine. (The best thing I’ve started doing is pre-loading the coffee pot the night before so I can start it bright and early one handed while I hold the baby.)

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // 7 Fiction Podcasts Ready Made for Vacation

SO PROUD OF BECCA!!! Her podcast RomComPods’ season “Honeymoon for One” was just featured in the NY Times. No. Big. Deal. This whole list features scripted podcasts perfect for the last bit of summer. Could be a great list to work through for road trips, long walks, or even just to pop on while you do chores around the house.

TWO // Fall Floral Shirt Dress

I recently popped onto Draper James’ website and fell in love with this shirtdress. Even though it’s a lighter color, I think it’ll translate really nicely into fall with the right accessories. (I’ve been looking at shirt dresses more and more as a good option for nursing.) It’s available in sizes up to 3x, too!

THREE // “Lost J. Crew” Instagram Account

My favorite needlepoint store Lycette Designs shared this new Instagram account and, wow, LOVE. The account features photos from old J. Crew catalogs. The tagline alone says it all: :”J. Crew before the Internet. 1993-1997.” Ugh, all the classics! And beautiful photography. I want to recreate some of those beach pictures. They’re just too good.

FOUR // Crocodile Embossed Ballet Flats

My closet can attest that I do not need another pair of shoes. But if I did need another pair of shoes for fall, I think I’d go for these first. I love the black, but the green is so interesting and perfect for fall outfits. Despite being a color, I think it’s actually a great neutral. (And I have loved mixing green into my wardrobe for the past few years!) They’re also pretty affordable right now with the current 50% off sale, they’re under $50!

FIVE // Ted Lasso Biscuits

Who else is watching Ted Lasso on Apple TV? It’s such a wholesome show. Just love every single thing about it. I look forward to new episodes every week and I will be so sad when this season is over. I stumbled on this TikTok of a baker recreating Ted’s infamous biscuits– right down to the little pink pastry box! Such a cute idea.

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Fellow new mama here! So excited to have found your blog and see how you’ve adapted your style for breastfeeding & motherhood. Following for the bf friendly dress picks- they’re harder to find than I thought! PS you’re doing amazing!!

Sarah Stefaniak

Ted Lasso is the best.
Have to try the that recipe!
(Also, I may have a small crush on Roy Kent.)


It’s astonishing how much J.Crew has changed. I look through new arrivals now and can rarely find something I like. Where are the simple, classic shapes? Where is the taffeta and silk, not scratchy polyester mixes? Where are the classic weekend tees that I don’t have to layer because the “tissue” is see-through? And why do they have so many sweats? I’m a sad former fan.


I’m with you two! Being in branding and marketing as my day job, I’m always helping clients “tell their story” through quick content posted to their website and social channels, but MAN does it make me miss the carefully curated and crafted days of the J.Crew catalogue era. There’s a big part of me that longs for that inspiration. And I agree about sifting through the current inventory – I’m only find a few things here and there that I truly love!


Ohhhh the biscuit thing makes so much sense now! My local coffee shop (Go Get Em Tiger in LA) did a promo with Ted Lasso and gave away biscuits in pink boxes, which all makes so much more sense now. (I just haven’t been able to get into the show.)

Emily W

The Lost J.Crew account is SO good! I’ve recently found myself longing for (read: mourning the loss of) all the old J.Crew catalogues and their corresponding imagery that transported us across the globe, especially when we shopped in the stores and saw the photoshoots along the walls. At least we can reminisce of the long ago days through that IG account! Thanks for sharing.