We had an insanely gorgeous week here… and I’m in denial that we only have one more week left of this incredible trip. Truly, it’s been a dream. Don’t make me go back to real life….

In the meantime, here’s what has been on my radar:

ONE // Five Cozy Fall Soups

I’ve been craving soup like crazy lately. Maybe it’s being by the water, or maybe it’s October in general, or maybe it’s that I’ve been watching too much TikTok (“good soup” right?), but I’ve been wanting it. Mike has been flexing his soup-making muscles, too. I’m going to send him this post of five cozy fall soups– they all look delicious. (I really want that tomato soup!)

TWO // Hill House Home’s Holiday Pop Up

Hill House is opening a holiday pop up shop in Soho! Exciting news for the brand. They did such a great job with their storefront in the West Village (I took these photos in front of it!), and I can’t wait to see what they do with this one. Especially since it’ll be holiday themed and also because I feel like they have a bit of a different branding identity going nowadays. Can’t wait to visit!

THREE // Unique Lampshades

We had a date night earlier this week at Sister Ship, a new restaurant on Nantucket. It was delicious and the overall vibes of the restaurant were top notch. I loved how it was decorated. In fact, I sat next to a beautiful lamp! Someone messaged me a similar (or maybe even the same?) lampshade and it’s amazing.

FOUR // Black Puff Sleeve Pullover

How freaking adorable is this puff sleeve quilted sweatshirt? I’ve been wearing so much black lately (’tis the season for me) and I’m obsessed with this. It’d be great to put on after a workout, while also being cute enough to wear with jeans and a pair of ballet flats!

FIVE // Is It a Bones or No Bones Day?

Remember when I said I was watching too much TikTok? I, like seemingly everyone else on TikTok, fell in love with Noodle, a 13 year old pug. Every morning, his owner films him to see if it’s going to be a “bones” or “no bones” day. Kind of like Punxsutawney Phil… It’s a random little thing that has won over millions of TikTok users!

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Katie McCarty

HOW did I not know what “It’s a Bones Day” means! I am on that app and now I know hah! I used to have a pug named Muffin, so I should be in the loop. =)



Made the maple turkey chili from the blog link- delicious, quick and easy. Thanks for recommending, I’ll be perusing more recipes from her.