This was kind of a crazy week. Lots of work deadlines mixed with my parents visiting and a nor’easter hitting Nantucket pretty hard. This was our last week here and we had really gotten so lucky with the weather up until this week. Certainly a lot of drama to go out with a bang with!

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Tiered Tartan Dress

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to sit this dress out because it won’t work for nursing…. but it could be the perfect dress for you! The tartan is so cute and I’ve had this style dress in a few other prints over the past couple of years. Love it. I think I’m going to *have* to get these plaid jackets for the dogs though. (Maybe I’ll get the matching headband instead.)

TWO // Elin Hilderbrand’s New Book

I can’t wait for Elin Hilderbrand’s next book The Hotel Nantucket. The cover for it was just released and it looks fabulous! It’s a ghost story (!!), but with the same “Queen of Beach Read” flair we all know and love from Elin. I’ve already pre-ordered it.

THREE // Haverhill Necklace

I don’t think I’ve taken this necklace off since receiving it. I did a campaign with Haverhill on Instagram and they let me pick out a piece of jewelry. I went with this necklace, personalized with a “J” charm and a peridot stone. I love it so much. I went with the 15″ and they gave me a code CARLY15 for 15%.

FOUR // Lavender Vanilla Latte

Okay, I feel like I’ve shared this already before, but maybe I haven’t? Regardless, I am going to be making some of this lavender vanilla syrup asap once we’re home. I’ve gotten quite hooked on lavender vanilla lattes here on Nantucket and I want to make them at home. Definitely can see this becoming a fancy treat throughout the winter.

FIVE // Interview with Dr. Kim Swales

I went back on my friend’s podcast to do a little promo for my book. It was so fun getting to chat with Kim again (I love her and her podcast so much). Would love it if you gave it a listen. Let me know what you think!

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