ON MY RADAR 3.10.23

We adjusted to a new schedule this week as Jack moved up classrooms at daycare (big boy!). Leading up to this week, I was a little worried about how it would all feel. I also made the decision to drop two of Jack’s activities, partly out of necessity (the new daycare schedule didn’t work) and partly to give us a little more freedom as we get closer to summer. I am pretty sad to leave some of our favorite teachers (and friends in the classes), but after this week, I think we made the right decision!

Overall, just a good week for the family.

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Bow Pillows

I am dying over how cute these bow pillows are. I’m trying to nail down the direction I want to take our third bedroom right now and I’m thinking I might just need to design the room around these pillows?! They’re so sweet.

TWO // Atlantic Pacific x LAKE

Did you see the news about Blair Eadie’s upcoming collection for LAKE? I cannot wait to see it all– the previews are all so perfectly Blair. The bright and bold colors are gorgeous and a fun update on our already beloved LAKE pajamas.

THREE // Puff Isla Top

This is such a cute top for warmer months. I’m always looking for casual but put together, easy to throw on tops to wear in summer months. I love wearing jeans year round and this top would pair perfectly with a pair of jeans. I even think it could be dressed up for a summer evening date night. (Or if you have a spring break trip coming up!) Love the bows (obviously) and love the silhouette.

FOUR // “How My Wife and I Took Back Our Sundays”

I happened to read this article this week when I was feeling guilty for canceling Jack’s activities. (I canceled them months ago but it was setting in this week when we officially didn’t have them on the calendar.) It reminded me that it’s okay and good to have unscheduled free time. I already feel the pressure to say yes to everything and to not miss anything for Jack and to be as productive as always allllll the time. It’s a hard balance, but I loved the perspective of this piece.

FIVE // Cotton Cable Sweater

I love the arsenal of cable knit sweaters I have in my closet no matter what time of year it is. In summer, I love to throw one over my shoulders while wearing a dress. In spring, layered over button downs. Etc. This cotton cable knit sweater is affordable and a great design (plus pretty colors!).

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I saw the photo of you and Mike on IG and I just love it so much. You’re both so happy and content in it. As a long time follower, I’ve had the privilege to witness all that it took (the good and the bad) to get to this phase in your life and this photo is just the definition of happiness. You are an inspiration!

Nicole Edward

First off Mike and you are adorable! Second love the article about Sunday’s. I do go to church but besides that I make it a point not to do stuff. Even single and no kids. I have an event with my boyfriend family last week on Sunday. I will make sacrifices, but it made the work week so hard.