DIARY No. 92

Somehow I missed a couple of weeks here! Playing catch up with what we’ve been up to, according to my phone’s camera roll.

Stars and Stripes Pajama Sets + Gingham Pajamas

Jack had a huge growth spurt recently. He quite literally outgrew his pajamas overnight. One day they fit, the next day, they did not! I put in a quick Amazon order for PJs and hoped for the best. Love these so much… great fabric (super comfortable) and cute patterns!

Speaking of Jack, our friends had an extra balance bike that they gifted to him and he is obsessed. He loves to scoot around on it (and he also loves to pick it up and just walk around with it).

They had fresh flowers every day in the lobby of the hotel we stayed in while in Copenhagen. Every day they had a different, gorgeous arrangement. I always feel better when we have fresh flowers in the house and it really inspired me to pick up some fresh blooms when we got home.

These sneakers are a favorite purchase of mine lately. So comfortable and feel sporty (and maybe a little trendy, too).

I think I’m going to print and frame this picture! I don’t even care that it’s an iPhone picture, I just want to have a physical copy because 1) I love it so much and also 2) it brings back all the good memories of our trip.

Can you believe this snow?! We hadn’t had any real snow this winter and on the last day of February we woke up to this winter wonderland! I loved how the snow landed on my little library most of all. Felt fake it was so cute.

People have been inquiring about the pups. They’re as happy as can be. Hamilton just turned seven and Teddy is turning TEN in September. Ten!!! They’re not really slowing down at all– people are always shocked when I tell them Teddy is nine. They have puppy energy most of the time, ha.

I wanted to make handmade thank you notes from Jack for various teachers and instructors. It took a few separate sessions to get enough for everyone– and different mediums (i.e. crayons and paint). I loved how they came out though!

I got Jack this little Maileg mouse as a souvenir. Our cleaning team propped up the little mouse against the frames on my nightstand and it made my whole day. Why is it so cute?! (PS the bow frame is from Susan Gordon and the silver frame is a Home Goods find.)

A highlight of our week? When the garbage and recycling men come by!!! They’re so sweet to Jack and always honk the horn and wave to him. Every time. Jack starts running to the closest window when we hear the grumbling of the trucks on our street.

We had a big adventure into the city. I had taken Jack in the fall to hang out with my sister, but he wasn’t quite walking yet. This time?! Wow. He had the time of his life. I’m not just saying this because I am his mom– he was hysterically cute. Losing his mind over the dinosaurs, elephants, fish, etc. He was marching around saying, “RAWR! Rawr!!!!”

This past weekend was gorgeous. We spent so much time outside with a couple of Mike’s siblings and his goddaughter. A tiny taste of spring, hallelujah!

A big bowl of popcorn and…. a little peek of our living room couch. I am obsessed and we’re close to being able to shoot it for an official reveal. Just need a few more final touches!

My Haverhill ring matched my outfit last night perfectly. (Here’s my outfit, by the way.) I’m pretty sure my Haverhill code still works: CARLY15 for 15% off.

I had the most incredible opportunity to go to Jenna Bush’s “Read with Jenna”‘s fourth anniversary party. It was my Super Bowl. So many fantastic authors in one room (I even got to say hi to Emma Straub) and just a big celebration of BOOKS, AUTHORS, and READING. I love to see it and the vibes were immaculate as the kids say. Honestly it was packed, which is usually very stressful to me, and I went totally alone. But is there any group better than a bunch of book lovers? No. I met so many bookstagrammers and people in publishing. It was just a great night.

And as if the past few weeks haven’t been good enough. I met Renee Rapp too!!!! I love her!!! She is shooting Mean Girls locally and she happened to be in Sunday Motor, which is our neighborhood cafe. I almost fell out of my chair when I noticed her. Also, she was incredibly kind and she radiated “cool.”

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Sarah Forrer

Love this post so much. I took a Lenten hiatus from social media so I’m extra grateful you’re catching up on the blog side of things.


What a happy roundup! Also I absolutely cannot believe Teddy is almost ten, I remember reading when you just got him as a puppy in New York!


These are some of my favorite posts you do! Teddy was so cute in the pic and I love seeing both dogs appear in pictures

Kate Brinkley

Not sure where I’ve been! I checked out Susan Gordon’s site, and her storefront is literally down the road from me. Have to go check it out next week! Love seeing the pics of Jack and the pups!


RENEÉ RAPP!!!!! I’M OBSESSED WITH HER <3 So exciting that you got to meet her!!!!!