ON MY RADAR 3.15.24

This week FLEW by in large part, I think, due to the fabulous weather we’ve been having. It’s been gorgeous and just so sunny and warm. Our town has come back to life! It’s the best feeling. Jack has been thriving with all the great outdoor time and Rory is also starting to “wake up” a bit more as he gets older.

Here’s what’s been on my radar this week:

ONE // Neely & Chloe x Petite Keep

I have Petite Keep trunks for both of my boys and I was thrilled to see Neely & Chloe’s collaboration with them because it was just what I was looking for! I am turning mine into the perfect storage solution for my needlepoint collection. Obsessed is an understatement. (PS My code CARLY10 should work for 10% off.) I picked out the white trunk, but it also comes in a gorgeous green and yellow, too.

TWO // New Orleans Style Iced Coffee

Wow, I went to Blue Bottle when I was in the city last week to grab a coffee before my drive home…. I got the New Orleans style iced coffee after hearing about it on TikTok. It was crazy expensive, but it was truly THE best iced coffee I’ve ever had in my life. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days. Blue Bottle actually shared the recipe and you better believe I bought some of the coffee to try to make at home. Just wow it’s delicious.

THREE // Green Dress

If you’re looking for a wedding guest dress (or frankly any kind of occasion dress), you need to check out this one. I love how beautiful the print is, but I also think it’s a very versatile dress, too. I think it could be dressed up for weddings or worn with sneakers and a canvas tote when you just want to look cute for everyday life. I’m so into green lately and this dress is tempting me.

FOUR // Cinnamon Roll for One Recipe

Cinnamon rolls have become one of my guilty pleasures. I love them so much, honestly, especially after going to Copenhagen last year, I kind of couldn’t get them out of my head. This recipe popped up on my FYP and it had my name written all over it. A cinnamon roll just for one! The perfect serving to indulge in, without being tempted to eat a whole batch 🙈 Sometimes you really do just need one!

FIVE // Kids’ Button Front Parka

I cannot get over how darling this little coat for toddlers is (also available in baby and kid sizes). It totally looks like a mini Barbour coat with the details and it looks warm too. I know we are inching our way to warmer weather, but the price is right for stocking up on next year’s clothing size!

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Grace Morisseau

Louisiana gal here! If you can find it, Cafe du Monde coffee (in the orange tin) is chickory coffee, to save you a step! Also, look up “coffee milk” – it’s a fun southern tradition.


I currently have a NOLA-style roast at home. I can’t wait to try making the iced coffee!