Whew! This second pregnancy did a number on my body. Now that I’m a month out of pregnancy, I’m feeling more at “peace” with my body– but I’m definitely facing the reality that my body is forever changed. It was already changed after having Jack… but even more so now. I’m trying not to stress about it– it is what it is. However, it’s a daunting task looking at my closet and realizing that 75% of what I own, including shoes, no longer fit and probably either won’t ever again, or it’ll be a long time before I can.

So instead of spiraling over this, I’m looking at it as an opportunity! I can rebuild my wardrobe bit by bit. which probably isn’t the worst thing in my mid-30s anyway. I have been doing this over time as my wardrobe needs have changed (fewer dinners and events and needs to dressing up, more park playdates and backyard soccer 😉) and now it’s just in turbo drive as I need new things stat to wear.

Anyway, J. Crew is always a go-to for me! I have an Instagram collaboration going live tomorrow, but wanted to share more of the photos here. I’m just obsessed with this outfit and, most importantly, I feel so good in it. (And it’s nursing-friendly with functioning buttons!)

Random note here, but that pink circle on my knee?! It’s from that fall I took towards the end of my pregnancy. I had a pretty bad cut on my knee and now I’m worried it’s going to be a permanent scar 🫠 Somehow my Lululemon leggings didn’t tear… It feels like a miracle given how horrific the cut ended up being!) I bought this silicone scar tape that can be cut down to specific sizes and I’m hoping that works… open to other advice too.

If you buy one thing from this outfit, might I suggest these shoes? They’re so comfortable and I just know I’ll be wearing them with all kinds of outfits until next fall. They look so cute with this dress and I’ve already styled them with jeans, too– plus they’ll look great with white dresses/skirts/jeans this summer.

I used to wear belts all the time and then fell out of the practice (not sure why!). Belts are super, super “in” right now though and they really do make an outfit look a little more polished.

Also as I’m typing this out and looking at the photos again in more detail, I’m just really obsessed with the mixing of browns and blacks here.

Dress // Sweater // Bag // Shoes

*All items c/o J. Crew


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the scar tape should help- it’s evidence based to accelerate skin healing.
I figure my life is completed transformed by my baby so of course my body is too- I won’t ever not be a mom again and thus I won’t ever fit in those tiny clothes again. 🤣🤣🤣 sunk cost fallacy is hard.

I try to remember what my body did and wow just incredible. I think you have a phenomenal perspective. My kiddo is almost 8mos and I still get annoyed thato losing weight takes a lot time and I’m going to have another baby eventually too. but exercising helps me parent better/be able to move w rapidly growing baby.


I’ve used Vitamin E oil on scars and it’s really helped them to fade and also aquaphor, tried and true.

I also had to replace all my shoes after childbirth, it was a pain but kind of fun at the same time!


Carly thank you for normalizing this! I just had my first son almost 7 months ago and this is definitely true for me too. My conundrum is do I invest in pieces like sezane or Boden things that are more pricey while I’m in the throws of early motherhood or just rely on cheaper basics from target. JCrew is the perfect middle ground. Motherhood looks phenomenal on you, this outfit is perfection!


What a good challenge to mix things up. I just donated a bunch of clothes that no longer served me (a mix of no longer fitting or just not feeling like me). It was hard to hand off those bags, but I felt so much better once it was done.

Give bio-oil a try! I burned myself once pretty bad and I barely have a mark from it now! Miracle worker!


Would you say the dress is bump friendly? It looks a little short so I wasn’t sure. You look great in it, it’s so cute!


Carly, I LOVE this look! Obsessed with the dress. And I really love bio oil for scars 💕

Theresa Magliozzi

You look soooo beautiful in these photos! And I’m definitely going to have to buy these shoes! For the scar, I got this oil from Whole Foods, I can’t remember the name, but it worked shockingly well on my knee surgery scar.


love this outfit! here for the outfit rebuilding phase, please continue to share what you’re adding!


Thank you so much for talking about the post-baby wardrobe shift! I had my first baby in July of last year, and am facing the same dilemma of purging the closet, deciding what to hang onto to see if it ever fits again, and how to rebuild my wardrobe well, especially with more of an eye toward cute momming/WFH and less in-office life. I’m looking forward to shopping your posts all the more going forward!


That dress is so cute on you!

If you have a red light face mask, you can put that over the scar. I had surgery on my wrist a year or so ago and used my Higher Dose face mask for about 20 minutes a day. I swear it’s what made the scar almost invisible. Good luck!


I seriously think that you look the best you have since I’ve been following the blog! You look healthy and like you were ‘meant to look’ in your new body, if that makes sense? But more importantly, glad that you’re feeling that way on the inside too when you wear this outfit.


Thanks for this- my daughter is about to turn 1, and I am at a place of rebuilding with clothes and shoes.


Just a note, too – please don’t feel pressure to “snap back” quite yet! I know my body didn’t quite settle until at least a year after my second time through childbirth. Find some cute pieces for now; you might still get back to pieces you wore previously.


I know you might not feel it, but you look amazing! I’m here for this new wardrobe chapter – my body has changed a lot in my 30s (even without kids) and I’m look forward to your future outfits 🙂


I am loving this outfit, but my favorite thing is the flats. I think they are super cute.


Palmer’s cocoa butter lotion is my go-to for scars – it has *vanished* even major surgical scars for me. Plus you get to smell like a candy bar. 🤣


Try bio oil on your knee! It has worked so well for fading scars on me. It works even better if you use it early on during healing , but has helped with older scars too, especially discoloration.