ON MY RADAR 3.29.24

I’m so looking forward to warm weather this weekend while we’re down in Florida. I’m pre-writing this, so hopefully the flight with two kids went okay. 😅 Jack has flown a ton and this will be Rory’s first flight– I just know that even if everything is going terribly, it’s all temporary and we just need to get to Point B. It may not be “fun” or relaxing, but we’ll get through it.

Rory’s stocking is here– I have my work cut out for me!

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Asparagus and Pea Salad with Mint and Radishes

I have been craving spring-y vegetables and the more crunch the better. (I find that I have more intense cravings while breastfeeding than while pregnant! So crazy!) I recently had a salad with asparagus and peas and I have not been able to stop thinking about it. I will absolutely be trying to make this delicious sounding salad for lunches asap!

TWO // Sarah Tucker x Teleties

Teleties makes my very favorite hair clip. Sarah Tucker just launched a collection with them and, wow, I need it all! So perfect for warmer months ahead. I love the colors so, so much. I want the big claw clip for summer days at the pond and beach vacations and I still want to try the large flat clip, too.

THREE // Deleted Scene from The Parent Trap

OMG!!! Disney just released a deleted scene from The Parent Trap! While I can see why it got cut…. I’m so glad we are still getting to watch it after all these years… Honestly just so fun and, in my opinion, the perfect use of a TikTok account.

FOUR // Scalloped Matching Set

It’s wild, but scallops are trending again. It’s giving 2013! Even Abercrombie is getting in on the trend…. I have been thinking about getting a matching linen set and I think this is just the one. It’s so cute! The scalloped mini dress is also gorgeous– the white would be great for bridal events and the blue would be fun for a vacation.

FIVE // Modern Yahtzee Alternatives

My family loves Yahtzee. We have probably played thousands of rounds over the years! I saw this article about modern alternatives to Yahtzee and while I think we’ll always play the game, I was intrigued to hear about similar games that might be just as fun!

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nancy kelly

Qwixx is the best!! Such a fun game. We played it almost daily during quarantine.

Lisa Mari

Me and my family love Qwixx as an alternative to Yahtzee! You should try it ☺️


Hi! I was recently blocked by you via Instagram and I am not sure why? I never comment. I didn’t have a profile pic for a min so I am not sure if you thought I was a robot. I have loved following you for years!!! Please unblock me 🙏🏻


I love that you say scallops are trending again. I loved scallops back then and still love scallops

Sarah Tucker

Carly!! Thank you so much for sharing about my teleties collab! Would love to send you some (: You have got to try the flat clip!! Thanks for making my day. xx