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If one more person says they’re ready for fall weather, I’ll scream. Yes, this week was miserably humid and hot. (I think it was worse than Florida at certain points… Suffocating really.)

But still. Summer is my favorite. And as much as I love fall, I know I’m going to miss these hot summer days so I’m hanging on for dear life.

So the humidity was by far the worst part of the week, but the best was that we took Teddy and Hamilton swimming at a lake. It was pure joy. Hammy’s first time swimming and he had zero hesitation jumping right in. Both Ted and Ham swam so much that they barely lifted their heads for 24 hours when we got home. (#dogvictory)

I’m heading to Nantucket tomorrow with my friend Victoria and the dogs are coming along too. The drive and ferry should be interesting, please send us some good vibes, haha!

Sunflower Field in Upstate New York

This is going to be another link-heavy on my radar post! I couldn’t narrow the selection down:

ONE // Rare Sapphire Blue Lobster

I legitimately thought this was a photoshopped photo making its rounds on the internet, but it’s 100% real. That lobster is BLUE! Wow. Can you imagine pulling that out of the water??

TWO // Professor’s Note for New Parents

When I read this, I definitely teared up a little bit. I know there are quite a few moms who read the blog and I think it’s well worth reading. And if you yourself are heading to college, I think it’s also worth reading, just so you know that your parents are always there for you.

THREE // Secret Deodorant “Three Dots”

This may be the best ad I’ve ever seen. Who else can relate to the stress of seeing those three dots?!?! Bravo Secret!

FOUR // Casey Neistat’s “Draw My Life”

Casey Neistat is so talented and I just love his Youtube. I re-stumbled upon his Draw My Life video and I forgot how much I loved it. His story is kind of amazing and it just goes to show you that following your passions can lead you on an incredible life journey.

FIVE // Everyone Had to Learn How to Swim

Okay, has anyone else been completely consumed by all the Olympic videos and commercials? I can’t get enough of them. This swimming one is too freaking cute.

SIX // What Makes Simone Biles the Best Gymnast

It’s almost not fun to watch Simone Biles in the Olympics because she has no competition!!! (Almost. I’m still obsessed.) This video of her from the NY Times is just unreal. When they flashback to her as a child, my jaw dropped.

SEVEN // Tuckernuck’s August Perfect 10

Tuckernuck has been killing it lately. I can’t get enough of their new arrivals. This feature is great because you can see how to style certain pieces now… and later when it’s a little cooler.

EIGHT // Apple’s Bozoma Saint John: It’s About Passion Not Algorithms

I feel so lucky to have gotten to know Boz, she’s really one of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the chance to meet. And I LOVE seeing her get the recognition she deserves. She’s working for Apple right now and basically crushing the game… 

NINE // Maya Brenner’s Workspace

Maya Brenner’s jewelry designs are some of my favorites. (I got my mom and sister this necklace.) Her workspace is super cute– talk about small space inspiration.

TEN // Bobbi Brown’s Ultimate Makeup Lesson

This is a great straightforward video from Bobbi Brown. I definitely learned a few things. Now if I could just get a private makeup lesson with Bobbi herself…

Anything fun on your radar this week?

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I love the blue lobster! I’m an officer in my university’s College Democrats organization and our unofficial mascot for our org is “Lyndon B. Lobster.” A blue lobster is really perfect for our cause haha! Forwarding this to my friends for sure.

Rachel | Love this Life

I am SO WITH YOU on the fall thing! It is sweltering here and will be hot/warm for another 2 months, at least! Can we just enjoy the moment we’re in, please?! The grocery store had jack-o-lanterns out 2 weeks ago and I wanted to throw up. But happy Friday!

Ashley Barker

I LOVE SUMMER TOO! I love fall, (I’m actually going through this period where I love all seasons equally and cannot decide which is my fav- I go all out and get into the activities they bring!) and I’ve enjoyed summer so much I don’t want it to end! And I usually love fall fashion! Not this time.. Let all the sundresses and shorts stay!!

Taylor Martin

That Bobbi Brown video! Ah! So amazing. I’m so terrible at doing my own makeup, I wear the bare minimum every day (which is next to nothing, ha!) But that video is so dreamy. I wish I could have her do my makeup everyday!

Have a wonderful weekend, Carly!



I just watched Casey Neistat’s video and oh my gosh, it was amazing. I’m so glad you shared this today! I also love Maya’s adorable workspace, which just so happens to be in Silverlake (totally obsessed with East LA)!

Alexa |


I LOVE that one too! It comes on all the time with streaming and I’m always rooting for her too ?


OMG YES! I want summer to last ALL the time, it’s my absolute favorite season. I can’t get enough of summer, even when the temperature might be 99 degrees, I still love the weather, haha.

XO Alyson | My Life as Alyson