VIDEO | Puppy Playdate with Kiel and Sarah’s Puppy

After meeting Kiel and Sarah’s new puppy Bennie while on Nantucket, I knew we had to get a puppy playdate on the calendar ASAP. I wanted Bennie to meet Ham and Ted before she outgrew them (which is going to happen in, like, two weeks). Somehow we found a date that worked and so the four of us– plus the pups– met up in Westport for an afternoon of dog fun.

Kiel James Patrick and his wife Sarah Vickers with their golden retriever puppy Bennie.

There are NO words for how amazing the afternoon was. The three dogs got along so well! It was super hot (at least 90 degrees), so they got extra tired. Which, if you have dogs, you know this is a great thing. I’m pretty sure Teddy and Hamilton didn’t move from their dog bed for a solid 24 hours afterward.

College Prepster's dogs Hamilton and Teddy have a puppy playdate with KJP's golden retriever puppy Bennie.

The best group shot we could get, hahahaha! This week’s vlog is all about the puppy playdate:

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Super fun! Puppies are the cutest. We only have one dog, a female jack russell terrier, but she is the best playmate for our 15 month little guy. He just learned how to say “ball” and it is the cutest thing watching them play catch together. Plus, he just figured out how to get the ball out from under the couch which is the best thing ever. Makes my life easier. Ham and Teddy are lucky to have such great parents as y’all.


Dear Carly, i recently began following your blog and i love it so much!!! I love your pretty dogs!!! They are just amazing?Xoxo from Moscow?
And please help… My friend can’t subscribe your blog… I do not see the link to following in the new wonderfull version of your blog?