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I’ve honestly been pretty bad with my shopping lately. Normally this is my least favorite time of year to buy things because it’s peak heat, but fall stuff is coming out. (Why people… WHY!?)

Well, I’ve still managed to find a few things I just couldn’t resist. Some practical and some just for fun:

My fashion picks for late summer, early fall.

Ruffle Top in Shirting Stripe // I couldn’t resist this cute blouse. The ruffles on the sleeve are great, but it’s really the swooped back that sold me. It looks great with dark denim and white jeans too.

Blazer // I actually haven’t bought this yet… it’s currently sitting in my shopping cart. I’m obsessed with it and can’t decide between the patterned or the the plain red. Let me know what you think!

Striped T-Shirt // These long sleeve tees are only $20. I bought two. The beige/navy and the white/navy. They’re super thick without being bulky, which I love! Size up for a looser fit, go with your regular size for a (cute) boxy tailored fit.

Mirrored Clubmasters // Out of nowhere I had a desire for mirrored sunglasses. (Another) new pair of sunglasses is not something I needed, but I went for it anyway. I love that this pair has a classic shape with the fun mirror. I feel like such a cool girl when I’m wearing them… ?

Clubround Sunglasses // I splurged on these a few weeks ago and have been wearing them nonstop. So obsessed.

Byrdie Bag (c/o) // How cute is this crossbody? It hits just the right spot, fits just the right amount of stuff.

Faux Suede Seamed Skirt // YES YES YES. Right? I’m loving this classic yet retro look. And the price makes it a no-brainer. It also comes in a great tan.

Bowee Dress // Garrett’s college friend is getting married next weekend and I picked out this dress for it. It’s beautiful and chic.

Plaid Shirtdress // This is under $100 and I pretty much couldn’t say no. I placed the order as soon as I saw it. I’m already dreaming of fall adventures I can plan to wear this for!

Lace Dress with Peter Pan Collar // So while I was adding the plaid dress to my cart, I also saw this and decided to give it a try. It’s $138 which seems pretty reasonably priced for a fancier dress. I think I’ll be able to wear it during the day with cute flats for meetings in the city and at night with heels for a dressier look.

Lace Shift Dress // I already featured this on here, but had to again because that’s just how much I LOVE it.

Any good picks you’ve found lately?! Late summer/early fall is so hard!

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I am totally obsessed with the plaid shirtdress and the lace peter pan collared dress! They are seriously so cute!! You should definitely get that blazer! It would be such a timeless and classy piece to add to your closet!!


Let us know if you decide to get one of the blazers! I’m debating between the two colors right now too. They’re both too cute!


I have that J Crew blazer from last season — before it was on Factory, I guess? I have the patterned one. It’s REALLY cute in person. I think it’s a fun way to add a little whimsy to a basically classic look.


I totally adore the bag! Sometimes is just too hard to find a bag that is the right size, right? Love the outfits as well.

Shawna Ros

Love the picks on this post! Note though, the lace dress does not have a peter pan collar, although still a great contract to the dress. Love your blog! xox