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I’m so relieved we cut our Charleston trip a little short. While I would have loved to spend another full day and night exploring, I started to panic about getting back in time for my trip to Bermuda. We broke up the drive back and spent the night in a hotel halfway, so I had plenty of time yesterday to do laundry, get some work done, and repack. Just having an extra 12 hours at home made a huge difference. And now I’m off with Carter to shoot some content in Bermuda! It looks like it’s supposed to be a little chilly and rainy, but should still be a blast!

KJP Spring Sneak Peek

Here’s a sneak peek at KJP’s spring line (the gingham dresses + belts). My dress is currently available for under $100!

On my radar this week:

ONE // Shopbop’s Sale

This is one of the best sales of the year to stock up on in-season and staple items at a discount. The more you spend, the bigger the discount. Some things I wanted to highlight: Ferragamo shoes, Kate Spade shoes, Hunter boots, Marysia swimsuits, and Tory Burch!

TWO // Moana (again.)

This is not the first time I’ve featured this Moana song (I’m obsessed…), and it’s also not the first time that I’ve featured this daughter/dad duo. It’s the absolute sweetest rendition of the song.

THREE // Be the Match

I mentioned a couple of week’s ago that a TCP reader was just beginning her second battle fighting leukemia. Through her updates, I learned about Be the Match which is a registry for bone marrow transplants. Emma, thankfully, ended up matching with a sibling, but some people don’t end up having that option and need to find a match through the registry. I put it on my Instagram story and had numerous messages back from people who had either ended up being a match for someone else or received a lifesaving donation from a stranger. Sending the sample was literally so easy (just a few swabs of my cheek). If you’re capable and willing, I would definitely recommend it– you can learn more here.

FOUR // J. Crew Style Hacks

J. Crew’s recent style hacks videos have been great. Loving this one with tips on how to cuff jeans. Seems like an easy thing, but their tricks elevate the look just perfectly.

FIVE // Sheepdog Puppy’s First Day on the Job

This is a super short clip, but it’s too cute not to share. A little sheepdog’s first day herding. I find it so funny how they just know instinctively what to do… even if he is a tiny little thing.

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Love Moana- so glad you like it! My two boys are fascinated by it right now and I can’t get the songs out of my head- so good!!


That donor idea is such a wonderful thing and how beautiful would it be to be matched by a complete stranger. BTW I loved your outfit here esp the shoes.