Snaps from Charleston

We’re already on our way back from Charleston. It truly was a quick road trip, but honestly quite a bit of fun. When a trip includes 15+ hours in an RV one-way you know it’s going to be fun, right?! It was the best change of scenery, right as we’re nearing the end of winter. I swear I was craving that sun and it was calling my name.

I don’t have a ton of photos and we didn’t do a ton of things (for more ideas on what to do when visiting Charleston, this older post has better suggestions). To be honest, one of my favorite parts of the trip was just sitting on the porch throughout the day getting work done outside. I cranked through emails that I haven’t been able to do in weeks.

You know what that means though?  I just have to take another trip down to Charleston. I’m definitely going to try to come back down in April actually. There’s just so much more that I want to do and see.


The group with the RV, Bennie, and the Wagoneer. It was a sight to be seen.

Bennie KJP Golden Retriever

Bennie is the sweetest pup. My dogs would have been crazy in the RV I think, but Bennie was perfectly content to snuggle up on the couch all day as we drove.


We got to the rental house on Sullivan’s Island super late Sunday night, technically Monday morning. We somehow managed to get the RV parked and then all promptly fell asleep. After working in the morning, we piled into the Wagoneer (another experience) and drove into Charleston for some exploring and photos. (You can see some that we shot in yesterday’s post.)


Charleston Houses

I just can’t get enough of Charleston’s houses.

Rainbow Row Charleston

Rainbow Row


Cute Charleston House

Bennie KJP

On Tuesday, it was incredibly muggy. I couldn’t get my hair in control whatsoever. Oh well! We went down to the beach for some more product photos. Even if it was a little overcast, it was just so nice to be outside. I eventually met up with Julia at her house and then we went out to dinner with some of her friends downtown.

And… we met up for coffee and breakfast in the morning. Getting to see her was a major perk of the spontaneous trip, and we’re even more excited now for our upcoming Palm Beach trip!

Gogo Greens   Sandwiches The Co Op

We were supposed to leave Thursday, but ended up leaving Wednesday afternoon. (A relief for all of us because the drive Sunday felt so much longer than we anticipated.) Dave and I biked down for quick sandwiches while everyone else was at a meeting.

Sullivan's Island

Currently typing this on the RV with my computer tethered to my iPhone’s WIFI. #YOLO What a fun few days!

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What a fun trip Carly! Charleston sounds and looks so charming! Also is Dave your new boyfriend? He is hot! 🙂


Gorgeous photos and glad you had a good time! One day I shall visit Charleston too.

I cannot believe how you managed two 15 hour drives in such a short time span, I would go crazy!


Ah! I love your pictures! Charleston is by far my favorite place in the world. I just got back from a similar quick trip there and captured some of the same gorgeous houses. I’m glad you went for a spontaneous road trip! You have to do that at least once in your life! At least yours was to a gorgeous city with friends, sunshine, and blue skies. My boyfriend and I took a spontaneous trip for my birthday last year to Cleveland and Buffalo/Niagara Falls in mid-February during a blizzard (fun but way too cold, hence why he opted to take my to Charleston this year)!

Katie McC

Sounds like the best trip ever! I live for Spontaneous! Charleston looks and sounds like the most charming town ever. I can’t believe I’ve never been! Love all the photos and it’s always so fun to see other bloggers friends with other bloggers. Makes me happy and really is the coolest community! – Katie