Rainbow Row

If there’s one thing I know very well about myself, it’s that I’m not much of a spontaneous person. As in, I’m not at all. I like plans and organization and plenty of time to get ready. But when Kiel texted me last week saying they were making an impromptu trip to Charleston and asked if I wanted to tag along, I said yes. I hesitated only for a second to ensure I’d be back on time for my flight to Bermuda on Friday morning, but otherwise just decided to make it happen. It was a very out of character thing for me to do, but honestly? Kinda fun.

The best part was that they were going to road trip down to Charleston in a giant RV, picking me up in Connecticut along the way. I’ve never traveled in an RV before, and I’m glad I can say I have done it… although I think it’s one of those “once in a lifetime” kind of events. The drive was quite long, even being in a spacious bus.

We got to the rental house around 2 am, and after a short night’s rest, we decided to explore downtown Charleston a little bit. I haven’t been in years, and I loved revisiting some of the cutest places in town, like Rainbow Row. The houses are all painted unique colors, and they really do pop against the southern sky!

We were all craving some sun, and we’ve been lucky to get quite a bit of it already, but it’s still a little cooler when the sun goes behind the clouds. I had randomly picked up this blouse (it’s on sale for under $30 right now!!!) and it ended up being the perfect choice for our day of exploring. It comes with that (removable) tie– loved the opportunity for an extra bow.

It’s been kind of nice to take it easy down here. I’ve loved quietly working outside in the mornings on the screened in porch. I think we’ve all been tempted to consider moving down here for the winter months. The sunshine and warmth are just so nice right now. It’s the perfect (and welcomed) change of pace and scenery.

Photos by Kiel and Dave

Bow Tie Blouse // Similar Fluted Skirt // Similar Flats // Sunglasses // Scarf (on purse)

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My fiancée and I live around the corner from Rainbow Row. When we start looking at vacation houses, I’m trying to convince him to do Montauk or Nantucket for the summer months. It’s been unseasonably warm and wonderful this winter, but it gets unbearably hot in the summer!

Katie McC

These are such fun photo!!!!!!! Love them all! Man, spontaneous trips are the best, I’m glad you decided to go! That is a LONG drive! I once drove from Canada to NC in one day with 3 kids all under the age of 4! Now that was a trip of a lifetime haha! =) – Katie


This just got me so excited for a Bachelorette party we are having in Charleston in April! (As if I weren’t excited already)


I’ve found that impromptu trips can sometimes be the absolute best! Plus, isn’t it so great to go some place warm to kick the winter blues at this time of the year! Loving the cute top too – I’m with you, I’ll take any excuse to wear a bow!


Absolutely love your outfit! Can’t believe that top is Abercrombie! I absolutely LOVE the outfit Sarah is wearing too. She hasn’t posted in over a week, and now I know why! I hope she references her outfit on ClassyGirls!! You two are adorable!