I can’t get enough stripes. I don’t know why, but they all seem different and it doesn’t seem to matter how many I already have. Luckily the spring lines that are dropping right now have plenty of great striped pieces. I can’t even narrow down my choices… so I’m sharing them all here with you! Hope one or two speaks to you like they’re speaking to me.

The last thing I need is another raincoat, but this striped Barbour is seriously perfection. Abercrombie’s striped button up (pictured above) is 100% calling my name. And how cute would this dress be for an outdoor party?

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Katie McC

It’s so true! I can’t seem to get enough of stripes either! Seeing that I live in FL, you’d think I’d have enough, nope. Just ordered a striped shirt from Gap with the cutest billow sleeves! ahah. I love the Abercrombie striped shirt (sometimes they surprise me) and the red striped swimsuit! A striped off the shoulder dress is on my wishlist for summer! I really like the one shoulder one you linked! -Katie

Allison Kmiecik

Stripes are basically a neutral in my book! Abercrombie has really been putting out some great trendy but still classic pieces lately and I adore it! Thanks for sharing!
xo, Allison