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In years past, I’ve come up with a phrase or a little quotation to carry with me throughout the year. A mantra, if you will. I can’t believe we’re nearly a quarter of the way through the year. I never shared what I ended up settling on for 2017, so I guess there’s no time like the present. But I decided just to go all in. Like, all in with everything. It’s made for a kind of crazy few months! I’d normally shy away from things or take forever to come to a decision out of fear. Now I’m just jumping on any and all opportunities. It’s not something I can do forever, and I’m learning that sometimes going all in means coming back out to recover. But if something pops up that I’m interested in, I’m just… going all in.

At the start of the year, I had one trip planned (in July), yet I’ve spent what feels like the past month traveling non-stop. It’s not something I would “normally” do, and I’m definitely exhausted. (And quite excited to finally get back to my routine.) But… I’ve honestly had so much fun. It’s been quite the whirlwind of exciting opportunities for me/the website and also a good balance of getting to hang out with old friends and seeing new places. Yep, I’m kind of into this “all in” mentality.

The Breakers

(I’m also pretty thankful that I missed this week’s blizzard. Palm Beach was the perfect place to hide away from the snow!)

ONE // Lunch at Lilly

This weekend is Lilly Pulitzer’s biggest “gift with purchase” promotion of the year. Every year they have the best gifts and every year they raise the bar. The biggest gift this weekend is an exclusive Society Social bar cart!! Talk about a collectible.

TWO // Wringing a Towel in Space

My mind was blown watching this video of an astronaut wring out a wet towel in space. The water… it’s out of this world, literally.

THREE // Scalloped Tank Top

I’ve never been a tank top kind of girl. (Ever. I’d rather wear a turtleneck!) I recently bought this camisole from J. Crew though and actually love the way it looks on. That one is a little bit on the expensive side although the quality truly seems worth it. Then I spotted this scalloped edged version on J. Crew Factory and, well, let’s just say I want one in every color. I’ll probably just get one– I’m torn between the red and the black!

FOUR // Embracing Gray Hair

Quite a few people emailed this video to me, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I feel like people think I’m crazy for not wanting to dye my gray hair, but… I don’t know; I just don’t want to. It doesn’t seem like something that needs to be fixed. It’s one of those things that’s super personal, and I simply don’t consider it a big deal one way or another (dying or not dying). People should do what they want, and for me, that’s keeping the gray. I might change my mind in the future, but right now I don’t mind it at all– in fact, I kind of love it.

FIVE // A Brother’s Surprise Visit

Ending on an uplifting note, I had tears in my eyes watching this guy surprise his younger brother. The excitement is so pure.

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“…I’m learning that sometimes going all in means coming back out to recover.”

Wow! This resonates with me so much. I think we can all benefit from an “all in” mentality every once in a while.


I love your mantra! I have a similar theme for the year- adventure. I’m not typically a risk-taker, so it has been fun to jump in to things I might not otherwise do, like starting a blog!


I’m 35 and my hair has really started to turn gray. It’s very short, but I have once section of gray that is amazing. I love my silver and don’t ever plan on dying it.


Love your intent for the year! My word is “Aloha” and for me it means many things. I just ordered a bracelet from a company called and just received it today. I love the bracelet. Its a great site 🙂


I love gray hair! It is so chic especially on someone with a dark hair color.