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This was a solid week. I recently transitioned to a new manager, and I am so happy. I’d be down for sharing more of how it works if you guys are interested. I touch on it in this old post about blogging tips, but I know it can be confusing if you’re not actually in the industry. (Slash even if you’re in the industry. It changes every day, so it’s always evolving.) While I had such a bad year emotionally last year, I did lay a lot of foundations to set up for a great 2017. It’s nearly May, and I can see the results of all the hard work paying off now.

Anyway, it’s been kind of crazy lately and (knock on wood) it’s looking like I’m going to have to start thinking about hiring someone. Right now I have a ton of contractors that help (photographer, accountants, legal, manager, etc.). It’s a huge step and there a million and a half things to consider. Still exciting even to be here though!

… and on a lighter note, it’s supposed to be eighty degrees and sunny this weekend. YES! I went up to Rhode Island for the day on Thursday, and while it wasn’t all that nice out, it was just amazing to see all the colors and spring blooms.

woven basket tote

ONE // 7 Ways to Fight Imposter Syndrome

Maxie and I had a Skype call (for her upcoming BOOK!!!!!) earlier this week, and both of us were laughing at each other because… we each thought the other person totally knew what she was doing. I felt like she was basically a pro now that she has a bonafide book deal and she was looking at what I’m doing and thinking that I was an expert. Even though we each didn’t feel that way at all! We realized that we’re each suffering from imposter syndrome– here are some tips for fighting that feeling!

TWO // Echo Look

I placed an order on Amazon the other day and saw this new ad for “Echo Look.” I legitimately thought it was a joke, but it’s completely real. At least I believe that it’s real. This little device takes photos of all of your outfits and starts to categorize and track what you wear. It’s kind of like the Clueless closet and Instagram had a baby.

THREE // Casey Neistat on Bullying

Two pieces of news here. First, Casey Neistat is vlogging again! And second, one of his recent videos struck a chord with me. A mom told him that her son was being picked on at school for starting a Youtube video and Casey’s response was amazing. Honestly, I wish I had heard that when I was in college starting to blog. My “friends” and other students were horrible to me about my blog… and now I receive daily emails from people I went to school with asking for favors. It’s kind of insane.

FOUR // Gingham Supergas

How much is too much gingham? I’m going to go with the classic Mean Girls line here and say that the limit does not exist. I can’t get over how cute these gingham sneaks are.

FIVE // Running a Marathon with 10 Weeks of Training

Okay, so I think the title of the video is a tiny bit misleading. The girl featured is clearly in great shape, but still… it’s unreal how she trained for the marathon in only ten weeks! I have zero desire to run a full marathon, but I would like to do a 10k at some point. This video is super inspiring. I cried at the end!!

SIX // Winnie the Hippo

I can’t get enough of these baby hippo videos. Oh, little Winnie is adorable.

PS I was invited to attend The Preakness with BMW on May 20th, and you have a chance to win tickets too! Guys, I’m so excited. I’ve never been to a horse race before!! (And we’ll be coordinating a private meet and greet with the winner!)

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I seriously love everything you are sharing today. I definitely needed to read the article on Imposter Syndrome. After starting my own blog a few months back those are definitely feelings I struggle with.

Thanks for sharing!

Taylor |

Kristen from Pugs & Pearls

I didn’t even know who Casey Neistat was until you freaked out upon meeting him in one of your vlogs! Now I watch him, but miss your videos! His advice was really good. People can be awful sometimes, but it shows to just keep doing what you’re doing because can you imagine what would have happened if you let those mean people in college prevent you from posting??


Are those of us who live in DC not eligible for the BMW contest? I don’t see it as an option in the “state” drop-down


Hi! I have contacted the team to let them know… leave your email and I’ll send you a note as soon as I have an update!


Hi Carly! I love everything about your posts! Could you share more about getting managers as you say at the beginning of the article?

Thank you xxx


I’ll never understand why people would bully someone who starts a blog, YouTube channel or any other creative pursuit. Perhaps it’s some sort of jealousy? I think it’s incredibly inspiring and beautiful when people put themselves out there and share their thoughts with the world. It’s like what Brene Brown says about being brave enough to step into the arena and to not criticize others for doing so, especially if you have never step foot into the arena yourself.

Briana |


OMG I watched that video about the girl training for a marathon too!!! As an ex-college cross country runner she DEFINITELY was in really good shape before to run that pace and qualify for Boston!! But it was very inspiring and I kind of want to do a marathon now…

Hannah @ AndThenWeTried

Would love to hear more about working with a manager! And I definitely needed that Imposter Syndrome article. I feel like that’s a huge issue for our generation (especially women).

Ashley Hirst

I’m so glad things are going so well!! I’d totally love to hear more about hiring a new manager – that’s so fascinating to me!


I am SO impressed with the new fashion technologies Amazon is rolling out lately. I also can’t get enough gingham!


I would love to hear more about working with a manager and how to go about that! So happy things are going well for you 🙂 You’re the cutest and I love your blog!