Sailing into Spring

Without a doubt, Persifor dresses are my go-to picks for hot days. It’s hard to tell in photographs, but the material is amazing. It’s stretchy and smooth– making them the perfect choice for warm weather. And traveling. If you hate dealing with wrinkly clothes, you have to try a Persifor dress. I swear you could bunch it up at the bottom of your suitcase and throw it on without an iron or steamer in sight.

I have a number of the Winpenny dresses, and I wear one at least once a week. I’m eying the wrap dresses– they’d be great for those mornings when you’re running late for work. But the Carter t-shirt dress style is a top contender for the easiest dress to wear… ever.

Sailboat Print Summer Dress

That sailboat print though! I love the design and colors on it. It’s going to be perfect for beach vacations this summer and even just for running errands.

Sailboat Persifor Print

I’ve been a fan of Persifor for five years now (!!!), and the prints just get better and better every year.

Hair Ribbon J McLaughlin Wicker Bag

I bought this handbag while I was in Palm Beach. Now that it’s warm enough here in Connecticut, I’ve been carrying it more and more.

Persifor  Sailboat Print Dress

Photos by Courtney Ann Photography

Persifor Dress (c/o) // Wicker Handbag (similar) // Jack Rogers Sandals // Tennis Bracelet 


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Could not think of a more perfect dress for the summer! Growing up on the water and sailing almost everyday of the summer when I was younger makes this dress a must have on my wishlist. Wish I could find something a little cheaper that still gave me all the feels!